What is HUMED ? 

Humed is an Alumni associates of Hacettepe University . Humed establihed  at 19 th November in 1998 . You could get more information about Humed from this link .


What cxocARd offers for Humed Members ?

Most of the Humed members working actively in different industries. Some of the members having C-level responsibility in different corporates.  As you know cxocARd is an Augmented Reality tool for business. We are offering Augmented Reality experience fast and cost effective way.

cxocARd is a free Augmented Reality platform we are charging only from content owners for Humed members we made %60 discount from our regular price and %40 of the income generated from Humed members will return to Hacettepe university students as a scholar ship from our company.

Special thanks to Mr İlker Tabak who is visionary chairman of Humed … with this agreement we will find an opportunity to help Humed members in business and also to help Hacettepe University students.

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