Humed & cxocARd sign an agreement

cxocard agreement

Humed & cxocARd sign an agreement

Humed & cxocARd sign an agreement

What is HUMED?

Established  at 19 th November in 1998 “Humed” (Hacettepe Mezunlari Dernegi) is the Alumni Society of Hacettepe University, Ankara . It currently has hundreds of members . They work for the benefit of the students in need and other social groups in need of monetary, educational help and support. Humed gathers the graduates of the university which are are now in high academic positions or mostly high level management. They organize activities and raise funds. Indeed, the funds raised are used in different projects. Such as, improving the university woodland by planting trees, offering scholarship to students, supporting women in less fortunate areas. We have signed an agreement to offer our product to the members, on the 9th of November 2018. cxocARD is offered at a discounted price for the members.  You could get more information about Humed and Cxocard agrement, on their website as well.


 What does cxocARd offer for Humed Members ?

Most of the Humed members successfully and actively work in various industries. Some of the members have C-level responsibility in different corporate companies or became high level academicians. As you know cxocARd is an Augmented Reality tool for businesses. We aim to help C-level management better represent themselves. We offer the Augmented Reality experience in a fast and cost effective way. Although, offered in various media forms, we currently focus in business cards. Thus, with the cxocARd application, Humed members will have a cutting edge technology. With the new improving technology the Hacettepe University graduates will stay in touch with the Augmented Reality world and actually use it in their daily life. So, this will also give them and their business an unforgettable tool. It is used during the business meetings worldwide.

Above all, cxocARd is a free Augmented Reality platform. With this new signed agreement, we will be able to offer Humed members a  %60 discount from our regular price. Finally, the  %40 of the income generated from Humed members will be  returned to Hacettepe University students as scholarship donated by our company.

Finally, special thanks to Mr İlker Tabak who is visionary chairman of Humed. We would like express our gratitude to Humed for their co-operation. Also, we would like to state that, it was an opportunity for us  to help Humed members and Hacettepe University students.

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