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Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service

Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service


Now we are offering Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service. 

As cxocARd team we decided to improve our service range to our clients. We launch cxocARd in May 2018. In this time of period we get too many demo requests and collect many customer pain especially for digital marketing. Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service start as a keyword search to decide our content marketing strategy in 4 year time we used too many tools to analyze our market to reach the correct audience with cost effective way.

Now we are sharing our expertise to help our clients.

We also create a video content to explain what is our reporting service covers.

Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service Details

In this gig we will report followings for each domain including yours. We will also create tables for easy compression

  • backlinks ( link, source page title, source url, target url,domain authority,page authority, spam score, anchor text, first and last seen dates )
  • number of listed keywords
  • estimated total monthly organic traffic of the domain
  • ranked keywords on google according to location and language (keyword, keyword volume, position, estimated visit for this rank, seo difficulty, ranking url.)
  • page count of the domain (how many pages are created for this domain)
  • language count of the domain (how many language version created for this domain )
  • seo score of the domains ( it’s a unitless score to measure the technical seo performance 0-100)
  • domain authority of the domains ( it’s unitless score to compare the digital authority of the domain performance 0-100 , could be related with digital brand value )
  • domain loading performance (measured for both mobile and pc – unit is sec.)
  • YouTube channel stats (video count, video watch count, number of subscribes)
  • Facebook ,Linkedin & Twitter stats (Number of followers)
  • Instagram profile stats (Number of Followers, Number of posts)

How is the Process of Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service ?

Check Our Service Workflow

  • Fill the form bellow
  • When we get the details we will send you a sample report
  • We are preparing your report min for 5 competitors
  • Each competitor cost  20 USD per domain – no additional costs
  • We will also analyze your domain for free
  • We will send you a payment link
  • Your report will be ready max 3 working day
  • When your report is ready we will send it to your email
  • If you have a time we can also schedule a 30 min consulting from the data on your report. Consulting meeting is also free
Competitor Analysis
we don't charge for your domain
We will create report min for 5 competitor
We will create report min for 5 competitor
We will create report min for 5 competitor
We will create report min for 5 competitor
We will create report min for 5 competitor
each competitor domain will be charge 20 USD

data is the new oil

Product Video Editing service for E-commerce and Social Media  is also one of our additional service that we are offering

If you want to check the cases that we are helping with Augmented Reality. 

Here is 3 main Case Study
Augmented Reality For Books: Future of Storytelling

augmented reality for books are seen as future of storytelling. Augmented reality makes storytelling time fun and exciting.

how to grow photography business with augmented reality

augmented reality make its way into the worlds of photography and video industry by offering interactive experience for consumers.


new way of pitching. Augmented reality business cards can be a valuable tool to present you, your business idea, corporate video etc.

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