How is AR used in fitness ?

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Within the last decade AR is used everywhere. It is used in many different sports as well as fitness in gyms and home. Currently, there are devices and many applications developed to be used.

No matter what their levels of fitness are, more and more people are seeing results with the help of devices that make exercising a little more straightforward and engaging. Why not utilize opportunities of augmented reality.


Advantages of using augmented reality when exercising

AR-powered workouts offer several benefits:

1.1. Interactive Fitness: AR allows users to interact with virtual elements during their workouts. This interactivity enhances engagement by turning exercise into a gamified experience. Users can chase virtual objects, track their progress, and compete with themselves or others.

1.2. Personalized Training: AR apps can analyze users’ movements and provide real-time feedback on form and technique. This personalized guidance helps individuals get the most out of their workouts while minimizing the risk of injury.

1.3. Variety and Fun: AR fitness apps offer a variety of workout scenarios, from dance routines to martial arts simulations. This diversity keeps users motivated and prevents workout monotony.

1.4. Accessible Anywhere: With AR, you can take your fitness routine anywhere. No need for specialized equipment or a gym membership; all you need is a smartphone or AR glasses.

Subheading 2: CxocARd – Revolutionizing Everyday Materials CxocARd takes AR beyond the gym, introducing it into our daily lives and business interactions. Here’s how:

2.1. Business Card Augmentation: With CxocARd, your business card becomes a dynamic marketing tool. When recipients scan your card with the CxocARd app, they can access interactive content, such as videos, product demonstrations, or contact information.

2.2. Flyers and Catalogs: Imagine flipping through a product catalog, and as you scan a page, 3D models of the items pop up, giving you a detailed view. CxocARd allows you to augment traditional marketing materials like flyers and catalogs, making them more engaging and informative.

2.3. Interactive Books: CxocARd can be used to enhance educational materials, textbooks, or children’s books. Readers can access supplementary content, such as videos, quizzes, or interactive diagrams, by scanning specific pages with the app.

2.4. Free Demos: CxocARd offers a free demo, allowing businesses and individuals to experience the power of AR without commitment. This accessibility encourages experimentation and innovation.

Using AR helps to gather and analyze information. AR based devices can provide you with the real-time data about what is going inside and outside your body. They show information about the heart rate, number of steps, running distance, number of calories burned, etc. Many augmented reality devices involve wearable technology that records your heart rate. You’ll want to keep an eye on your wearable device to track your heart rate for maximum progress.

For example, one of the first AR applications is Fitness AR. It makes it possible for runners, bikers, and hikers to plan their route and review it. This application uses a 3D landscape map to visualize the bike rides, runs, and hikes.

After you choose an activity or route and bring up the AR camera, you can tap to place the map in the real world. Swiping up and down will change the distance of the map from the floor. Swiping left and right will change the rotation of the map. Pinching to zoom will change the scale of the map. Two finger tap and holding will let you re-position the map with your device position.

How do we know if we are doing it right?

When exercising how do you know if you are doing it right?  With such device as the smart glasses, you can get a virtual personal trainer at your home.

Also, the augmented reality devices also just help you track how far you’ve come. By helping you track the distance you’ve run or the steps you’ve taken, you can have a standard measure for your workout. People often forget, as seeing your progress can be a huge motivator to keep going and achieve your goals.

You can receive personalized workout videos through an AR device such as smart glasses to jump start your fitness program. You can have your own, personal fitness instructor show you the latest workouts, yoga and Pilates. Eventually, you can go on your own pace.

Fun factor !

Finally, augmented reality technology just makes working out more fun. It is already though enough to start and continue a precise fitness regime as it is.  Adding gaming elements to exercising helps workouts become more accessible and rewarding to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you use a cell phone, tablet, or glasses to use AR apps, you’ll be getting a workout. Get motivated to complete objectives and meet fitness goals as you immerse yourself in a virtual world that takes place in the real one.

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