Augmented Reality for Books: Future of Storytelling

Augmented reality for books are seen as future of storytelling. Augmented reality makes storytelling time fun and exciting.


In todays’ world, first and foremost, you should have a story to tell and choose the right medium to share your story. So, your message matters. Likewise, your delivery method is of significant. There are various mediums to tell stories such as books, TV, movie, podcasts. Technological advancements made great revolution also for storytelling. Augmented reality brings in a virtual element without losing touch of real world. This type of storytelling signalizes a shift from passive viewing to an active and exciting stage.


As a publisher you can also increase your value by using Augmented Reality enhanced ,training card, flash cards, info cards with cxocARd.

Before dive into details let’s have a look for our case interview. For more details about this case you can check this link 

Here is a screen cast from our service cxocARd. You can integrate your page and your video content with in the same day. Our demo is also free you can fill the form bellow.

THE Benefits of Augmented Reality FOR Books

Augmented reality books are able to improve storytelling interaction, imagination, passion, entertainment and learning of the reader. So, augmented reality seems to promising technology to increase literacy due to fostering cognitive attainment.

While people reading (actually experiencing) augmented reality books, they interact with the book characters, i.e. reader become an actor in the story rather than just observer or listener. Since people take part in the story, a deeper understanding come to realize. Furthermore, augmented reality enabled worksheets and textbooks trigger customized self-learning. In adidition, this experience stimulate a strong passion for reading. So, it enhances reading experience. We want to highlight that AR books do not just work for entertainment, but also for educational learning purpose. In other saying, people who experience AR books associate learning with fun rather than defining it as a dull process.

Please look at our customer case (Jumping Jack Multiplication) to internalize what can you do with CXOCARD augmented reality technology in your books.

CXOCARD makes reading more fun and less stressful.

Augmented Reality Books Best Suit for Who?

AR books can be valuable for people who

  • have less time to read,
  • may be bored and loose attention with a traditional book,
  • spend more time looking at screens than books

If you are a book writer (it might be a children book, fairy tale, science-fiction etc.) or a publisher, you shouldn’t miss the digital era.  Do not hesitate that your message will lose; your augmented reality book will interact with your audience. Are you ready fort his evolution?


Augmented reality technology transforms traditional paper books of an entertaining, interactive and permanent learning area.

FOR: Storytellers, book writers, publishers.

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