Educational Augmented Reality

Educational Augmented Reality

Educational Augmented Reality

Technology has already made its way through the doors of schools and other educational settings. And the rise of Augmented Reality in recent years is changing the way we learn. Educational Augmented Reality is putting a silent revolution forward. But how?

Educational Augmented Reality
Customized Learning via Tablets with Educational Augmented Reality

Educational Augmented Reality at School

In today’s world the use of smart phones and tablets is increasing among students. Keeping this in mind Augmented Reality is to be the key feature of education in the immediate future. By the help of AR based applications teachers will have an alternative way for conveying the information to the students. These applications are enabling the visualization of even very complex contents and subjects. AR applications work on a basis of scanning a target such as a page in a textbook, a picture or a pattern and turn it into multi-dimensional visuals. Hence the interactivity in the classroom increases unavoidably (See below video). Besides enhancing the experience of the students, the use of Augmented Reality in education simplifies the comprehension process as well. Studies show that the use of technology in classes and interactivity raises the participation of students to the classes. 

Expeditions AR – Bringing the world into the classroom

Imagine staring into the eye of a miniature Category 5 hurricane or getting up close with a strand of DNA. With Expeditions AR, teachers can bring the world …

Educational Augmented Reality at Home

Augmented Reality helps students not only at school but also at home. AR assists students while doing their homework or implementing assignment projects on their own. AR-enabled worksheets and textbooks trigger customized self-learning. Images and information pop-out of a textbook or a worksheet on their screens without any need for tutors. By this means doing the homework at home is much easier, considering the fact that the students of this technology era can hardly concentrate on anything other than their smart phones.

Students experience AR not only for entertainment as in our article AR in Children Books but also for educational purposes. Thus they associate learning with fun rather than defining it as a dull process.

All in all AR breaks the limits of conventional learning practices by reforming into innovative practices. Educational Augmented Reality is changing the concept of learning forever. Are you ready for this evolution?

Educational Augmented Reality


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