Frequently Asked Questions about cxocARd

Q :  What is cxocARd ?

A : cxocARd is a Cloud Based Augmented Reality platform which you can register your content to our cloud.  It’s fast and cheap way to experience Augmented Reality for your case because our tech is Cloud Based.


Q : What I need ?

A : You need a target and a video content to Augmented from your target.


Q : What is a target ?

A : Target means a surface photo with details for example if you register the image of your business card and your corporate video . cxocARd Augmented your corporate video from your business card. As shown in the video from our instagram profile. This is a screen cast from cxocARd APP

Q : How to register my content ? 

A : In our landing ( home ) page there is a form you can fill the form to register in 24 hours your target will be register to cxocARd cloud and it will start to Augmented your video content. You can see the screen image of the registration form.

Q : How to download the cxocARd ? 

A : By following this download link you can download the APP according to your phone . iOS and Android versions available.


Q: Is it free ? 

A: cxocARd app is free. Everyone can download it freely and no adds in it . For content owners 2 days demo is also free. We are only charging long term register users who want to use cxocARd in their business .


Q: Can you change cxocARd logo to my company logo ? 

A: No not possible. But if you want to your  company app we can build an APP for you … contact with us !


Q: Can I Augmented 3D models. 

A : Not possible cxocARd is standardized for Augmented the video content which has high avaliblity than 3d models. But we can build new app for you if you insist on 3d models… contact with us !


Q: How can I give information to my Audience that my target is Augmented via cxocARd ?

A: You can refresh your target design for it if you want to reach more Audience or you can use cxocARd as a pitching tool . We have a QR code for easily downloading cxocARd.


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