Product information with Augmented Reality

iphone11 (Demo)

Good product information matters on many levels. Brand reinforcement, service efficiency, and cost of business. Your product is your closest connection to your customer. Poor product information could jeopardize product use or vague guidelines effect client satisfaction and loyalty. To ensure the continuity of your business, you must consider the quality of product information and the quality of customer experience. The video bellow displays the product information when you hold your device over the box of an I phone 6s.


It takes considerable information to deliver and sell a product, from design and engineering, to prototype development, assembly and the supply chain. All created during product life cycles.
If planned well, your core information components can be re-used to build other guides, handbooks and support materials. “Create once, use many” is the essence of the content management, saving time and money.

Product Information through Augmented Reality

The move to digital information delivery will reveal new efficiencies and productivity. As manufacturers adopt new tools like Augmented Reality, it has already found its way into product information delivery.
But, with a smart phone, glasses or headset, the user interacts with the object. AR precisely overlays computer-generated data on physical objects in real-time. In a nutshell, AR creates engaging experiences by bridging the physical world with the digital world.
AR delivers on the idea that actions speak louder than words. Basically, you physically experience learning and digitally experience using the product, along with a lot of virtual information. This digital information delivery simplifies the discovery and use of any kind of product or device.

Finally, AR has already re-invented customer experience.  The “Scan MyDS AR app” was developed as a “digital glove box” for DS, a premium French car brand announced by Citroen in 2009. By simply pointing a smart phone at a car feature, the digital user manual specific to that part displays. The user goes right to the needed information without searching through a printed manual and maybe still not finding current or useful information. Everyone who bought a computer or a computer component within the last 10-15 years know, how hectic it can be to find the information you are looking for in a pamphlet of 60 pages.

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