Augmented Reality for Business
  • Augmented Reality Marketing: Integration with your marketing tools such as brochures and product packages. And why not your wall in a trade fair?
  • Augmented Reality Sales: Integration with your sales tools such as business cards, catalogues and flyers. And why not your technical data sheet?
  • Augmented Reality Maintenance: Integration with your maintenance procedures with your video content. For example your maintenance cards, maintenance documents, etc. And why not your real product?
  • Setup: Integration with your setup material such as setup documents and user manuals. Why not your product explains how to setup?
  • You are free to generate our new case!!
Features of cxocARd
we are offering augmented reality service from the cloud
Fast Activation

We are activating your contents to cxocARd cloud server in max 24 hours .

World Wide Availability

cxocARd is ready for iOS and Android . Distrubition of cxocARd APP on stores set as world wide.

No Coding Required

cxocARd offers Augmented Reality experience without coding. Simple Setup ,easy to use and deliver

Free Demo - Don't worry - We are Cloud Based and FAST !

we will use your email address to give information about the activation of your target
YouTube link - we will use this video content to match with your target ( your business material )
Your Target >> image of your business card, catalog page , flyer ,brochure any surface related with your business (jpg,jpeg,png) max file size - 2mb
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Ways to Reach Us !
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