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cxocARd is available for iOS and Android devices

  • Step 1 - Download & Test

    Download the app for your device your test target is 100 USD bill

  • Step - 2 Customize it with your content

    Send us an e-mail including jpg file of your business material ( business card, catalog page, brochure page etc. ) and a video (youtube link accepted) that you want to integrate ... we will activate your content in 24 hours and inform your side...

  • Step 3: Experience Augmented Reality for your business

    Use it for your meetings and fairs


Best and cost effective way of Augmented Reality for Business

  • Positively Effects First Impression

    Especially in first b2b meetings first impression drives the meeting cxocARd is a good start for a meeting and it will positively effects to your first impression

  • Perfectly fits for C-level

    Some C-level officers hates pitching and if you use cxocARd your pitch will takes more attention.

  • Increases Value of Your Printed Business Materials

    Everyone could download and use cxocARd for free...they just need your printed business material like business card ! We are increasing value go your business materials

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