Update Announcement

During Update Period

During this update period we will still online and our current experience will be available. The past experience that we have already setup will not face with any problem.

  • Overlay Button will appear on the right upper screen.
  • Record button will appear on the middle down screen.
  • Info button will appear on the left upper screen.
  • Our demo and registration forms will not be ready for target link and re-positioning content.
  • We will update both iOS and Android version.

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What is New ?

In June – 2023 we are preparing for a big update. This update will be a milestone for cxocARd AR Service. May be you are a user may be you are a content owner or you are planing to registered your own content. We are giving service 5 years of time and we collect thousands of feedbacks. We collect valuable ones and make this update. Let’s list our improvements.

  • Better and Faster Recognition.
  • Overlay button gives you the option to engage with the content without target.
  • Record button will gives you the option to record the experience to your photo/video gallery.
  • We will also support a web link for each target – this feature will be optional.
  • We can also change the position of the content according to target. Left,Right,Up, Down. will be possible.
  • We will also support Portrait and Landscape orientation both. Enjoy

Check Augmented Reality Experience 

Fits for your Business

Best Usage Cases for cxocARd
Augmented Reality Service
Augmented Reality For Books: Future of Storytelling

augmented reality for books are seen as future of storytelling. Augmented reality makes storytelling time fun and exciting.

how to grow photography business with augmented reality

augmented reality make its way into the worlds of photography and video industry by offering interactive experience for consumers.


new way of pitching. Augmented reality business cards can be a valuable tool to present you, your business idea, corporate video etc.

No 3D model required
You don’t need to create 3d models just video
Fast Activation 
You can try it same day
Multi Platform
Ready for both iOS and Android web is coming soon
Reviews from Users
Reviews from experiencing cxocARd
Kadir Koymen

I try cxocARd Augmented Reality experience in one of the Entrepreneurship meet-up. It’s a new and interesting way of video content distribution. Especially for the video contents which has privacy.  Like in the Mission Impossible Series. We hear “This tape will self-destruct” and “Your Mission,…”

Salim Amin

This tech truly brings contest alive  . New way of engaging with publication. We are using this cxocARd Augmented Reality solution for the book that I wrote ” Kenya Through My Father’s Eyes”. As Camerapix we are also re-seller partner of the cxocARd AR Solution in Kenya.

Sezai Aydın
R&D Manager

a machinery can give information to it’s user about how to setup , how to maintenance, how to use … only you need machinery and cxocARd. It can degrease the maintenance and communication costs ..

Antonio Tadrissi
Owner & Creator of the Brand

if you have an idea about using Augmented Reality tech in your business…  cxocARd is the of the best way getting feedback about your usage case… No development cost , free for users , same day ready … and get your feedbacks about your case immediately from your users.

Tugba Purtul
Middle Black Sea Development Agency
Accelerator/ Organizational Psychologist / Regional Development Specialist

In the near future I guess we will see Augmented Reality solutions especially in Tourism sector. The main advantage of cxocARd is it’s Cloud Based tech … for example in the museums you don’t need Voice Guides any more … Just you need cxocARd !

Giorgio Guidi
Guidi Consulting

Especially after covid pandemic… most of the businesses trying to use dijital tools more effectively… but they are still producing physical products… still you need to send samples, packages etc. to export your products. cxocARd Augmented Reality solution is the way of engaging physical product with digital way. Think about talking packages,MSDS or a Catalog !

Oleh Shupliak
Artist - Creator

In near future we will see more usage cases of Augmented Reality. May be designing of contents for AR can open a new art area 

Noyan Kavukcu
Indie Artist
Independent Tattoo Artist

Nearly every tattoo is uniqe and each that I made on a skin has a reason or a story for it’s owner… augmented reality is a uniqe way of story telling from tattoo. cxocARd has a free demo option… I’m offering for my clients.


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we will use your email address to give information about the activation of your target
we have some reseller agreements based on country
YouTube link - we will use this video content to match with your target ( your business material )
Your Target >> image of your business card, catalog page , flyer ,brochure any surface related with your business (jpg,jpeg,png) max file size - 2mb

Complimentray Services

Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service

Digital Competitor Analysis and Market Research Service start as a keyword search to decide our content marketing strategy in 4 year time we used too many tools to analyze our market to reach the correct audience with cost effective way.

Product Video Editing Service for E-commerce , Web and Social

cxocARd users needs video content. For these reasons we are offering  video editing service to our clients if they need.

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