AR Cinema

AR Cinema

AR Cinema is using Augmented Reality in Cinema and related fields. It now transforms the way how movies can be promoted. And film studios try their best to bring an interactive journey to its fans.We can say the same things for AR Theatre.

To get a glimpse of a new movie, movie lovers now can just point a mobile phone at a movie poster, billboard or printed ad. Instantly, they get more information about the movie and enjoy interactive experience.


AR CinemaThe below are some of the features that AR can provide:

  • Display a movie trailer directly on the poster
  • Opportunity to book and buy tickets
  • Addresses of the nearby theaters
  • Reviews
  • Overall rating
  • Cast
  • Budget

Ar promotions used for existing movies and for future releases as well. So film studios can maximize revenues, with less effort and investment  in expensive marketing programs.

AR is also able to localize content and as a result increase customer engagement in different countries and cities.

Watch a sample

And , you can create an Augmented Reality experience for your movie within seconds. (AR cinema). By using seamless integration CXOCARD application can optimize time of adoption and AR content creation. All you have to do is to enter the name of movie and all necessary data and content, such as a trailer, reviews, cast and more is added automatically on our secure servers. Here is a cxoCARD youtube video, that play a trailer of the movie “Father” just by directing your phone over an image from the movie.

AR CinemaAlso, a great example is AMC Theatres. They think outside of the box with how mobile technology can elevate the movie going experience with an AR enchanced  application.

The movie chain has updated its iPhone app to let consumers scan 25 movie posters to learn more about the film and buy tickets. To kick off the application launch, AMC Theatres is also rolled out a sweepstakes the fall of 2017.  The posters include an augmented reality symbol at the top to indicate that the content.

Consumers can either watch the film’s trailer or buy tickets after they scan the poster. If tickets are not available yet, users can save the film and receive an alert once tickets go on sale.

The movie fans are already interested in the material in the venue and have their phones in their hands. That makes the augmented reality a great way to deliver content to the right crowd. It shows the cinema is a quick adopter of the newest technology.

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