Augmented Reality in Education

augmented reality in education

Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality in education will change your outlook on learning, educating and teaching. Using Augmented Reality in education field will enhance individuals’ learning experience. One of the best way to learn something is experience. It is possible to experience almost everything that you imagine. Let’s consider, you (dis)assemble machinery parts without any screwdriver, or examining human bones and organs without any cut on human body.  You can experience real world rather than theory. There is no limit on learning scenarios and possibilities in AR tech. AR usage in education and training is increasing day by day.

AR Chemistry Augmented Reality Education Arloon


Augmented Reality In Education

Augmented reality technology is transforming education world. In other words, AR is opening a new window into education field. Thanks to AR, learning becomes more enjoyable, interactive and permanent.

cxocARd will change conventional routine in learning. 

Augmented Reality for Technical Papers – Cloud Based – CXOCARD

Augmented Reality case for giving more information from technical videos.

What is cxocARd approach towards education and learning? cxocARd follows video-based learning approach.

Video is seen as the medium of the future. Video increase individuals’ attraction and engagement, which in turn better learning and remembering what you watched. Videos actually not only tech, but also inspire people. All visual and auditory contents and messages can be given with videos. It is possible to place a podcast, text, images, infographics into a video. So, video is capable of presenting quick and rich content. 

Augmented Reality for Training – Kahveland

Kahveland Demo for Augmented Reality for corporate Training of Baristas You can also check our article —…

How cxocARd works?

cxocARd is an Cloud Based Augmented Reality platform which is ready for iOS and Android. You can download the app.

Thanks to image processing technology behind it, cxocARd app camera is capable of recognizing the target such printed materials as flashcards, business cards, catalogs, book covers and matching them with a video. It will definitely get your attention and activate your brain neurons.

It is possible to visualize the learning material thanks to embedded videos. Most importantly, video-based learning facilitate permanent learning.

You can carry your learning material wherever you go. It is a remote learning opportunity tool. There is no location and time boundary with cxocARd.

There is no user limit for this tech. With cxocARd, AR technology can be reachable for everyone.

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