Product Video Editing Service for Ecommerce, Web or Social

Product Video Editing Service for E-commerce , Web and Social

As cxocARd we are offering Augmented Reality experience from 2d surfaces ( target ) and we are Augmented video content from target. We are also good at video production, editing and animation. Also cxocARd users needs video content. For these reasons we are offering  video service to our clients if they need.

Why we are offering Video Editing Service ?

As we mentioned in the beginning with cxocARd we are Augmented Video content from surfaces such as product catalog, product package, artwork, billboard we call this surfaces target . Target has to be flat and contains details that’s what we need for target….

with cxocARd Augmented Reality service we are detecting your target and start to Augmented your video content on that target for that reason our content owners needs video content. We have also +5 years experience on video editing and video production. If you need more specific projects we can also do it for your share us more details.

Video content has some advantages we list some of them

  • Increase retention
  • You can use the video content on your web site, e-commerce, Google maps, YouTube , Facebook , Instagram , TikTok etc.
  • Positive effects on SEO
  • Share more details and more messages with video
  • Explain the concept via text, color, animation also we can use voice over

Sample Product Video

Process is easy

  1. Share your product link We will use get product picture, your logo and product description from this link
  2. Let us know what is this video for – do we need to add price, discount or anything special
  • voice over
  • background music
  • deep fake character
  • variation lengths
  • video size
  • video length
  • video resolution
  • video format
  • basic brief if needed

Fill the form bellow

That all !

If you want to check more samples here are some …

Do You Want to Augmented Your video Content ?

As cxocARd our main business is Augmented Reality we are offering Cloud Based AR service fast and cost effective way. You can get details from our download page

You can also watch bellow a product package usage case  of cxocARd

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