Augmented Reality for Product Marketing

Augmented Reality for Product Marketing

There are different usages of Augmented Reality (AR) . Is it possible to use Augmented Reality for Product Marketing ? Let us dive in to a case !


Product Package

Nearly every product has a package on the shelf. Product could be uht milk, corn flex,honey or a phone . In that case we choose the package of the iPhone 6S.   Let us watch the demo video and how Augmented Reality used for product marketing.

In that case with CXOCARD Augmented Reality camera iPhone 6S package become a screen and start to play video. It’s a different experience for customers and your product package also touches the different senses of your customer.

How It Happens

CXOCARD is an Augmented Reality app . You need to inform your customers first to use CXOCARD. It’s a very lite app because we are managing the contents from server. When your customer opens the CXOCARD Augmented Reality Camera to the product. Our pattern recognition algorithm detects the iPhone 6S package and downloads the predefined video content for iPhone 6s package.

Why Augmented Reality for Product Marketing is Useful  ?

It could be useful because most of the customer want to get quick informations about the products and nowadays rise of the video content marketing shows us video contents are useful for product engagement. Rising of the YouTube also could be indicator.  As a marketer you could give different messages with video. Video contents are more effective than graphic design , text  and caliaografy

Budgets ?

Augmented Reality for Product marketing is a quite new area. Some leading companies currently used this technology such as Ikea , Starbucks , BMW but budgets could be high for such kind of marketing champaign. Now with CXOCARD it’s much more reachable and you don’t need to spend huge budgets for some short of champaign and CXOCARD is a MAAS and you will pay as your content is active. You could also integrate your champaign for billboards, catalogs, brochures etc. You could get more info from our blog



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