Augmented Reality Apps

Before diving into Augmented Reality apps, we need to define what is Augmented Reality. It is an technology that uses camera , screen (display) and a processor that augments the content which physically doesn’t exist.  Content could be animation, video , 3D  or mix media. In reality, rise of mobile devices open a new area for the augmented reality developments. Because, the processor technology of mobile devices increase the capabilities of augmented reality apps.

What are the Augmented Reality Apps Types & Solutions ?

There are two types of Augmented Reality APPs Based on Content Management 

  • Standard Augmented Reality  : These type of Apps contain all the content in their packages that you download the app. Moreover, you need to add the the content. According to the content types and numbers App size increases and downloading it from store takes more time. But these kind of  Apps have low delay in augmenting the content.  The main handicap for this type is;  if you need any revision you need to upload a new version to define new contents and targets.


  • Cloud Based Augmented Reality  : These type of Apps don’t contain the content in itself. Contents are loaded in the cloud. App needs internet connection to get the contents from the cloud. This could be thought as a disadvantage in case you don’t readily have internet access. However, we have internet almost everywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations. The best thing is, you don’t need to update the app just for contents and the targets so frequently. You could manage contents and targets from the cloud fast and easy. Also App size is quite small according to Standard Augmented Reality Apps .

There are too many types of Augmented Reality Apps based where you use them.

Here we will try to list some of them.

  • Games Technology : Game developers are using augmented reality technology in their games. The most popular one is pokemon go 
  • Entertainment industry: The usage of Augmented Reality in entertainment is rising. Curently, instagram and snapchat  using Augmented Reality.
  • Various Maintenance purposes 
  • Education and training 
  • Design & Architecture
  • Marketing &  Sales 

 cxocARd that have developed is a “cloud based” Augmented Reality APP for business. Your content is safely loaded in the cloud. The advantage for this system is; your content is safe and located in our servers away from your office. That means, in case of a natural disaster, or vandalism, your content will still be kept.  Therefore, cxoCard app can be used in various areas such as  Maintenance , Education , Marketing and Sales.


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