Augmented Reality in Business Cards

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In this article to explain, how Augmented Reality ( AR ) in business cards works. Nearly for every field of business people has business cards to share their contact and company information. However, the business cards are no more then a  nice printed piece of paper !
Augmented Reality in Business Cards ?

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How do we combine Augmented Reality into  Business Cards?

Augmented Reality in business cards

Everyone of us must have heard of Augmented Reality and it’s various uses. However, you may not know the details and wondered how it actually works. Let’s briefly explain and see how can you use this technology on  a business card.
CXOCARD APP uses your business card as a regular object where the application can work on. Every company has a unique business card design and contains unique  information. Your mobile phone is the main component of the  CXOCARD APP. Initially, we request your video content, that you wish to be displayed through your business card. Now, when you hold your mobile phone’s  camera onto your business card it will detect the unique design on your business card. Your special content loaded in our servers will be displayed on the card.
Finally, CXOCARD application on your phone reads the unique design on your card and it matches with the video content from our servers. Then every business card becomes unique with your special video content. This is where Augmented Reality works it’s magic.  Because your business card matches with your video in our servers, it becomes your video screen instantly and each card now displays shape, color, look and feel; which is a lot more then what you can see on a regular paper business card.
As a result, this must have explained what an “Augmented Reality in Business Card” is.

CXOCARD is a new service

You may come across similar examples on the web but most of them are not realized yet, these websites usually display just a demo. They are not fully functional. The reason why there are not too many examples of Augmented Reality integrated in your Business Cards is; it requires a good deal of programming. That’s why, every company used its own customized coding to achieve the result.  Development times take too long.  We do have strong programming base, created by a team; therefore it makes CXOCARD a special, strong design for business cards. Then setting up your business card takes only less then 24 hours.
We will give you some case studies about Augmented Reality in Business Cards in our next articles. But first, here is some main points to why you should use “CXOCARD”
“Especially, most of us don’t like presentations, why don’t you make your pitch more attractive with CXOCARD?”
“We all know, first impression drives the meeting, make a good start with  CXOCARD, attract attention and leave a great, positive first impression”
“Everyone could download and use CXOCARD however they simply need your business card to see live the experience. ” -We add value to your business –
As we stated Augmented Reality is not greatly integrated into the Business World yet. However, CXOCARD is the one of the few solutions in the world that you could use Augmented Reality in your Business Card. It is simple, not costly, elegant and has a strong programming at the back end.  It’s a new experience that you could bloom your business and take you to new level..
For demo:
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