Customer Case : AR Book Usage of Augmented Reality – AR in books innovates the user experience of reading a book. Kenya Through My Father’s Eyes is a book published by Salim Amin. Let’s dive into our new case… The story of the book covers life of Mohamed Amin. Mohamed Amin was born on 29[…]

It is now evident that, Augmented Reality helps children to learn. Many believe it helps the students interact and engage with each other. It is used in different materials that can be found in the school.

Story of Autumn and Alexander – Enhance your wedding invitation Autumn and Alexander are marring, with a simple ceremony they have been longing for. They both invited all their family and friends from all over the country and some even living in Europe. They wanted share their important memories and time they shared together with[…]

Real Estate business is all about information and visuals and how it makes people feel.   – In most models it is based on commission. To relay  information and all the details, viewing, inspecting the property  are the essence. That is the Benefit of AR in real estate. Better and constant relay of information: Clients react[…]

Construction benefits AR ?  We try to answer this question. Augmented Reality in Construction Digitalized industry sectors are mostly adaptable for banking and finance sectors. The construction industry is the least digitalized in all. It is ranked just above agricultural industry. However, it is potentially, among those that could have the most gain. Unfortunately, the[…]

AR Calenders and AR Albums We used to…. AR calenders and AR albums are the new way to use the technology. So far the world has used Virtual reality in technology and business in different areas of life. Army weapon manuals, factory machinery manuals, safety precaution cards etc. have been loaded into the virtual world. […]

As Canadian TIMES x TABLE kid learning tool Jumping Jack Multiplication is using cxocARd cloud based AR Platform in their workbooks. Augmented Reality (AR) for Kid Learning Tool Augmented reality is an innovative way of learning and training. Besides, augmented reality books offer new aspects for development of entertainment and educational models. Thanks to collaboration among[…]

What is Google Lens? Google, which is described as the best search engine has recently entered the augmented reality sector with Google Lens service. Google Lens, in short, visual search tool, is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology that uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning to understand what you are looking at and[…]

Usage Augmented Reality for Business In this article we try to answer how to use augmented reality for business from our approach. May be you don’t know our blog is listed in top 50 Augmented reality blogs  .  As an augmented reality service provider we have too many cases in that field. especially in cloud[…]

AUGMENTED REALITY BOOKS Augmented reality books offer new aspects for development of entertainment and educational models. In other words, experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) is not just intended for entertainment, but also for educational learning purpose. Nowadays, because of corona virus, called as COVID-19, all people want to stay at their home. Within that period, you[…]