AR use in Billboard

AR has been known by the masses through the gaming technology. However, It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare to engineering. Now AR is used in advertising. It is going to change the way the digital advertising.

AR makes advertising interactive, allowing marketers and advertisers to reach out to consumers in various new ways. Many companies have already embraced this new technology.

Ar use in Billboards as a part of advertisement campaigns

Mainly, a major part of the new AR based advertising campaigns are billboards. A new billboard in the famous tourist area Times square,  New York. It displays the promotion video a new Amazon Prime TV series.The series, based on a Neil Gaiman novel, is called Good Omens . UK and New York-based digital advertising agency Grand Visual works with Amazon. They  produce an experience which uses a camera on the billboard’s screen. It places AR in the real world crowd,  as they’re watching the screen in action.

Similarly, cxocARd has created a sample case  for a Billboard in Esenboğa Airport,  Ankara Turkey. In this case our billboard is streaming our promotion video content from cxocARd cloud server. It uses the Augmented Reality Camera, which in this case is your phone.

Basically, you can simply add the Augmented Reality content on the billboard with your advertisement. Therefore, you can display the users a richer, lively, 3D content you chose.

Augmented Reality for Billboards Case Esenboğa Airport - Ankara

As a matter of fact, the research done by Shanhong LiuMar 14, 2019 states ad spending in the Digital Advertising market amounts to US$112,297m in 2019. And it will increase to US$360,000m in year 2025. Liu also mentions the 70- to 75 % of prospective clients aged 14-44 are aware of Augmented Reality and use it in their daily life. The number of AR users is expected to increase in 2025 and almost triple the amount of people aware of the technology. 


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