Augmented Reality in Corporate Training

corporate training

Augmented Reality in Corporate Training

What about usage of Augmented Reality in corporate trainingAR Corporate Training ? For corporate environment using Augmented Reality in training could be also different. AR is a technology that makes learning enjoyable and can be done on the go.  Moreover, it can be adapted to create a personalized learning experience. The need for personalized simplification, accurate and measurable content are the basic needs in corporate training.

New technology takes time to be adopted and accepted. We usually wait for the next person to use it and we understand we should have done it long ago.

AR allows employees to engage in hands-on learning experiences without the need for physical equipment or resources. For example, employees can use AR headsets or mobile devices to interact with virtual objects or simulations relevant to their job functions.

Advantages for Learners:  

  • Learn on demand.
  • Engage in learning.
  • Get accurate content
  • Get personalized content.
  • Learn anytime and anywhere.

Advantages for Organizations: 

  • Increase efficiency.
  • Content with least cost.
  • Connect with learners.
  • Measure outcome of learning.


corporate training

Here are a few areas where AR learning can be integrated:

  • Augmented Reality for Sales training For example, a sales manager in a bank can access brochures on bank products, but through AR he could also access videos, FAQs, and other media that would help him offering better solutions.AR creates engagement in training materials which can be accessed on-the-go. They can also be easily updated to keep up with industry or company changes. Finally, it can provide salespeople with immersive product showcases to strengthen their pitches.
  • Augmented Reality for Engineers and Technicians in manufacturing When looking for instruction, going through manuals is a tedious task. The technicians and engineers need to understand the steps and imagine the tools to be able to put things together. Therefore, AR can overlay virtual tutorials onto equipment to provide technicians with quick and visual demonstrations. However, by pointing the mobile device (with the AR app) to the machinery, the users can also understand exactly how to operate the equipment. As well as, how to fix it, and how to improve it.
  • Augmented Reality for Health & Safety training Safety training is top priority for many industries. In particular, manufacturing sites are full of with potential hazards. As manufacturing facilities keep evolving, employers need to continuously update their employees to ensure their safety.Using AR, employers can provide easy access to on-demand health and safety information anywhere in the workplace. AR is not language and device dependent. Therefore, it may adapt to a user’s needs for personalized training.

The employee roles become more multi-tasking and multi-skilled. AR allows employees to not only improve their core skills but also improve their decision-making skills and save time.

When it comes to corporate learning, the industry doesn’t spare a big budget. AR is a low-cost solution that enhances the learning experience. It is a clear answer to the problem. In addition to this, AR helps in improving behavioral outcomes. By experiencing real-life problems over a virtual environment, learners increase awareness which leads to better learning experiences.

On the top of the behavioral outcomes, AR can provide enhanced mobile learning experiences. Learners now can  learn on their mobile devices and they can practice on the go as well. This provides additional motivation to the learner, improving his ability to do his job.

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