AR Video usage with cxocARd

AR video

AR Video usage with cxocARd

AR Video concept is the one of the basic concepts in Augmented Reality . By using AR you can augmented different 3D models and the impression of 3D. In AR video concept you augment the video. Our augmented reality platform cxocARd is specially design for that purp

Why is the AR video advantageous ?



  • Videos are much more easy to create.
  • Today video content creation budgets are lower than 3D design
  • You can hire a creator easily or you can do it by your own.
  • Most effective way of giving your message to your audience
  • In AR video with cxocARd we are augmented a video content from a target , target is a printed 2d surface.
  • Fast, cost effective ,ROI’s higher than 3D model

There are too many contents for AR Video in cxocARd instagram page you can check for samples.


We can set up a demo with your content !

cxocARd is a free application. You can test it for free with your own content for 2 days. To setup your free demo just send your target and your video content to . Within 24 hours, we will activate your content to our cloud and cxocARd will recognize your target. You will be able to experience Augmented Reality with your content for fr

AR for Magazines – Augmented Reality – cxocARd – Cloud Based AR Platform

CXOCARD is an Augmented Reality APP for Business. CXOCARD clients contents manage from cloud it’s fast and effective and cost effective. ” where business mee…



Where can you use it ?

In cxocARd, we focus on business cases but the application areas are beyond your imagination. Here is a list of areas we specialize in:



  • Museums and art galleries
  • Product marketing
  • Business cards and pamphlets
  • Sales pitches and demos
  • Invitations
  • Magazines/flyers/brochures
  • Trainings,
  • Maintenance and many more.



Why don’t you use AR Video to improve your business?

If you would like to have your business or area of expertise have AR, our team can create an enchanting video for you.  Tell us your idea and we will help you realize your dream. If it is about Augmented Reality, sky is the limit with cxocARd. 

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