What is augmented reality gaming?

pokemon-go-augmented-reality (Demo)

Augmented reality gaming. What is AR games? We can say that augmented reality got popular from the gaming industry but what is augmented reality gaming?

Augmented Reality Application in Games

In other words augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the combination of game visual and audio with the user’s environment in real time and space. Unlike to VR gaming, this usually requires a separate room to get an immersive environment. AR gaming uses the existing environment around you and creates a playing field within it. VR gaming requires VR headsets. These games are mostly played on devices like smartphones and tablets.

Specifically, video game companies are quickly adopting this technology to create games that are life like. There is already a number of PC and mobile games that make use of augmented reality. However, many users will turn to their console devices for a better experience. Many devices like the Wii have augmented reality games. Players will take on a role in the game and perform physical movements to complete the given task. And the games become much closer to reality. Therefore it will stimulate a feeling of being in the middle of the action. This technology is very common in sport games (like Wii Sports).

Pokémon GO in AR

Pokémon GO is considered the breakthrough AR app for gaming. It uses a smartphone’s camera, gyroscope, clock and GPS and to enable a location-based augmented reality environment. As such players by moving to locations physically are able to play by capturing animals called “Pokémon”. A map of the current environment displays on the screen and a rustle of grass indicate the presence of a Pokémon. Finally, a tap of the touchscreen brings up the capture display. In AR mode, the screen displays Pokémon in the user’s real-world environment using the rear or front camera on the smartphone.

In the end we may say that is was the gaming industry that made AR more popular, and spread it to other types of industries. All with the widely known AR game Pokémon GO!

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