Augmented Reality in Work Spaces

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How augmented reality helps the work space.More and more our everyday life is being surrounded by different types of technology.

Augmented Reality for Work Performance

It’s going to take a while, but augmented reality will completely reshape the way we work. Even the first phase—simply layering digital information and objects over the real world—will help you to do your job faster than normal. Big companies like Facebook or Microsoft, are building the hardware and software to develop the perfect AR workplace. The companies struggle with what happens in the second phase of AR work as well. Once people get used to the virtual office enough to not worry about documents and files, once meetings become multiplayer games and interoffice memos become post-its automatically put on everyone’s desk. That’s when things really change like cameras that are always present led to. We’ll come up with completely new ways to get things done when we’re always inside an AR display.

Augmented Reality Workplace Privacy

Work spaces in augmented reality will transform the way you do your everyday job. Soon enough, your personal office or cubicle can be as messy or private as you like because. You’ll be the only one who is able to see it.


Picture this. You get to your workplace, take a seat at a free desk and log in to your AR headset. The entire office appears before you, but now it’s filled with hovering icons of the apps and bookmarks you use every day. You tap one and a browser window opens. Your Facebook feed is streaming to your left and to your right is the last document you were working on.

This type of headset technology has been used by NASA engineers to help construction of space crafts.

The early days of virtual and augmented reality have focused mostly on the gaming industry like Pokémon Go . Most of the people developing mixed-reality tech think the venue where AR will really thrive is the workplace.

A recent report reveals half of businesses not using AR will adopt these technologies in the next three years. Out of the companies already using AR 82% claim the benefits are meeting or exceeding their expectations. As cxocARd we are offering AR service fast and cost effective way ;

How you can create your own AR experience  ?

You can test your case in the same day ! cxocARd offers free demo , free to test , no coding and world wide availability AR experience ! Let’s look what you need  ?

1- Augmented Reality Content

You need content for creating AR – Augmented Reality for your Catalog, Brochure, Business Card ! These contents are ;

  • image / scan / design of your printed material : we call it target . You can scan or take photo of your printed material if you have the pdf file of the design this also works.
  • video content : cxocARd will recognize your target and starts to Augment your video content on your printed material. We are accepting video content by YouTube , Vimeo links most of the companies publishing their video content on these platforms.

Here is form you can easily request your first demo ! We are activating your setups in max 24 hours.  Please also check our FAQ  

2- Set-up 

We will inform you about your setup via email . This takes max 24 hours generally takes 1-2 hours. ( We are in GMT +3 time zone ) There are 2 reasons that we are not making this process auto ;

  • According to our policy we are responsible for contents – we are not activating inappropriate content ( porn etc )
  • Connecting with our potential users and guide them is important for us.

3- Try your Free Demo 

After getting activation mail from us . Your demo is ready you can test your Augmented Reality – AR experience for your business card, brochure, catalog etc. For inspiration you can also check our instagram profile for more cases ! Why your product package is not engaging with your customer ?

We will use this "Email" to inform you when we setup your content
We will use this video content
Image of your business card
Check this blog post ! 


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