Jumping Jack  Multiplication – Augmented Reality Customer Case

jumping jack multiplication

Jumping Jack  Multiplication – Augmented Reality Customer Case

As Canadian TIMES x TABLE kid learning tool Jumping Jack Multiplication is using cxocARd cloud based AR Platform in their workbooks.

Augmented Reality (AR) for Kid Learning Tool

Augmented reality is an innovative way of learning and training. Besides, augmented reality books offer new aspects for development of entertainment and educational models. Thanks to collaboration among Jumping Jack Multiplication and cxocARd, TIMES x TABLES workbook turned into an augmented kid learning tool. Therefore, learning and drawing activities seems to be more enjoyable for kids.

Customer Case : Jumping Jack Multiplication

Canadian ???????? TIMES x TABLE ???? kid learning tool Jumping Jack Multiplication is using Cxocard – cloud based AR Platform in their workbooks. ℹ️ Visit their web s…

What is Jumping Jack Multiplication and TIMES TABLES?

Jumping Jack is the fastest way to learn multiplication tables, in short definition. The vision of Jumping Jack Multiplication is: “To boost children’s confidence and self-esteem by delivering successful learning experiences.” The mission statement is “Give every child the chance to find the right answer with strategies, methods and educational resources developed to match their learning style and needs.” So, how does this goal can be achievable? Here is the answer of that question: Jumping Jack Multiplication TIMES TABLES product, which is the solution that builds up your child’s confidence and free you from frustration and worry. TIMES TABLES meets with kids providing the right support and motivation since day one. Ikids will internalize the time tables more than just memorizing just playing and jumping over time spent with TIMES TABLES products.

“Times Tables the Ultimate Way”

HACK the TIMES TABLES with Jumping Jack Multiplication.

What is in it?

TIMES TABLES bundle contains three things: Track, track&game, and the workbook.  The bundle can be acquired HERE.

jumping jack multiplication

Additionally, you can visit their Facebook profile and CONTACT with Jumping Jack Multiplication.

What is cxocARd?

cxocARd is an Augmented Reality platform, that serves creative solutions in different fields such as machinery, textile, FMCG, education, museums etc. cxocARd has wide range customer portfolio in worldwide. As our motto “Meet Augmented Reality“, the main purpose of cxocARd is to make Augmented Reality is reachable for every business. Our app is ready for iOS and Android and free to download. You can visit our instagram profile for cxocARd cases and look at FAQ for more information or CONTACT us.

One of the biggest advantage of cxocARd is that you don’t need any coding knowledge and high budgets to reach Augmented Reality experience.

Thanks to image recognition and processing technology behind it, cxocARd visualizes the target such printed materials as flashcards, business cards, catalogs, book covers by matching them with a video. cxocARd app camera has the ability to detect an object (we called as the target) trigger the embedded video. Therefore, it is possible to visualize the learning material thanks to embedded videos.It will definitely get your attention and activate your brain neurons. Indeed, cxocARd will change how we see and interact with the world.  Above all, video-based learning facilitate permanent learning.

Jumping Jack Multiplication Experience to use cxocARd Augmented Reality Service

The firm wants to create an attractive, educational and effective solution for all children. They are looking for a business partner who are able to offer fast and creative techological solutions. Hence, they contacted with cxocARd. They created The Jumping Jack Multiplication Workbook, in which 77 fully-colored pages including step by step directions on how to solve multiplication facts  for factors from 3 to 12. The creators of the book used the Jumping Jack and Colour Mix systems. Therefore, students are more engaged, do the hard work and know that, while they are supported.

In the book, augmented reality is used as the way of introducing the products. HOW?

There are products such as yellow chicks, red stoplight, orange shoes, white swan in practice pages. The aim is to introduce the products and decode the pictures by coloring them by little learner kids. In order to achieve this, products in the book were augmented with videos thanks to cxocARd. Children who watch these videos are able to recognize how to color these product. For instance, coloring chicks with yellow crayon or swan with white can be visualized and better imagined via augmented videos. Hence, children can better learn the products and colors.

cxocARd has world wide availability. So, this means that you and your audiences can download cxocARd to mobile phones wherever they are located. More than that, after we register your content into our cloud system, cxocARd experience will be reachable from all over the world. So, everyone who owns Jumping Jack Multiplication workbook can experience cxocARd Augmented Reality tech. We are very and proud to collaborate with Jumping Jack Multiplication and offer Augmented Reality service.

Registering your content to cxocARd is also quite simple. To experience cxocARd AR experience, please fill the form below as freemium. We will activate your content in max. 24 hours.

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