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Augmented Reality For Books: Future of Storytelling

Augmented Reality Books ( Updated Version )

Augmented reality books offer new aspects for development of entertainment and educational models. In other words, experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) is not just intended for entertainment, but also for educational learning purpose.

Nowadays, after the COVID-19, all people spend more time in their homes and interact more with digital environment. Also, some poeple may hesitate to read all written materials.

Augmented Reality Technology Opens New Era for Publishing Industry .

Thanks to augmented reality technology, it is possible to experience reading books in a more interactive, entertaining and permanent learning way. So, how?

What is Augmented Reality Books?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and literature, Augmented Reality Books are paving the way for an immersive and interactive reading experience. Gone are the days of static printed texts; today, AR textbooks and virtual reality books are revolutionizing how we engage with written content. These innovative books leverage cutting-edge technology to augment the traditional reading experience, providing readers with a dynamic blend of digital and physical worlds.

AR textbooks, also known as augmented reality textbooks, introduce an exciting dimension to learning. They seamlessly merge printed text with digital elements, such as 3D models, animations, and interactive simulations. As students flip through the pages, their smartphones or AR glasses come to life, offering deeper insights into complex concepts. On the other hand, virtual reality books transport readers into entirely new realms, immersing them in captivating narratives and breathtaking environments. Whether you’re a student seeking a more engaging way to study or a book enthusiast hungry for a fresh storytelling adventure, Augmented Reality Books hold the key to a captivating literary journey that bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

With Augmented Reality Books, the possibilities are virtually limitless. These transformative educational tools are not only enhancing the way we learn but also redefining the concept of storytelling. AR textbooks empower educators to deliver dynamic lessons that resonate with students in a way that traditional textbooks simply cannot match. Imagine dissecting a virtual frog, exploring historical landmarks in 3D, or even stepping inside the world of your favorite novel—all made possible through the fusion of AR technology and traditional literature.

Book publishers using cxocARd for their books with their videos. Here is our case from UK for Simon & Mayor

cxocARd solution is a ready application both iOS and Adroid in other words you can use it on your iPhone  and Android Phones.  Experiencing cxocARd powered Augmented Reality book for iPad is also available.

How about yearbooks this case is from Canada. In this case students create videos for their memories and their memories augmented on their physical yearbooks. Here is another case for AR Books 

For whom this AR books?

*Especially for everyone. You can also check our more cases for AR Books

Based on a study (Garcia-Sanchez, 2017), number of readers and also time spent on reading is falling globally. The reason for decreased time spent on reading is primarily because of the lack of time to read and the lack of motivation. In this article, augmented reality seems to promising technology to increase literacy thanks to fostering cognitive attainment.

There are also some academic studies about Augmented Reality and Learning 

So, AR books can be valuable for people who

  • have less time to read,
  • may be bored and loose attention with a traditional book,
  • spend more time looking at screens than books

What does cxocARd offer?

cxocARd makes books as more interactive and accessible. With current version of cxocARd, it is possible to create 2D Augmented Reality contents. You can contact us for your 3D modeled content demands.

One of the biggest advantage of cxocARd is that you don’t need any coding knowledge and high budgets to reach Augmented Reality experience.

This is a Screen Cast from cxocARd camera . cxocARd is an Augmented Reality Platform. You can activate your content in the same day. Easy to use no coding re…

cxocARd is a Cloud Based Augmented Reality platform. It has been used all around the world in different fields such as machinery, textile, FMCG, education, museums etc.

cxocARd app is ready for iOS and Android and everyone can freely download the app. For more information on Augmented Reality and products please check our FAQ  or  CONTACT us. To experience cxocARd AR experience, please fill the form below as freemium. We will activate your content in max. 24 hours.

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Garcia-Sanchez, J.C. Augmenting Reality in Books: A Tool for Enhancing Reading Skills in Mexico. Pub Res Q 33, 19–27 (2017).

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Augmented reality books are awesome! To use cxocARd, is there any criteria for book cover design as target? Color, words, shape, size etc.?


Our image recognition algorithm detects most of the book pages if the details are high we can recognize the page easy .

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