How to benefit AR in Real Estate ?


Real Estate business is all about information and visuals and how it makes people feel.   – In most models it is based on commission. To relay  information and all the details, viewing, inspecting the property  are the essence. That is the Benefit of AR in real estate.

Better and constant relay of information:

Clients react better to visually enhanced presentations. Traditional methods of paper information files, e-mails and actual house visits, now may be reduced to AR catalog and 1 house visit.

Client’s benefit of AR in the Real Estate Business:

Clients are able to view AR models of any property of their interest. Regardless the floor it is on or regardless the number of rooms/divisions it has. They can browse, compare and analyze them in great detail from the comfort of their living room or office chair. Moreover, it gives people a “live presence” feeling. They can visit the property as many times they wish and any time they wish.

It also eliminates multiple visits to the property saving agents time and energy. Clients also can visually see the measurements and other qualities of the home to make their decision.They can better understand the size of a cabinet or room and make decisions about how to fit their furniture.

This visual feast per say may lure the potential buyer, intrigue them and create a cutting edge technology sense which the agent is able to offer. Finally, this may lead to an easier sale. Because the client will be able view and visit the property on his/her own again and again and eventually make up their mind

What else we benefit AR in Real Estate business? Augmented reality also can be used with Geo-Tags locate the estate on sale in the real world. It can create wide advertising opportunities. A featured property or the agent’s portfolio can play over his/her business card, flyer or billboard.

It is one of these business sectors that the visuals are so important and technological advances actually make a difference.

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