AR for food packaging

AR food

AR for food packaging

Many companies work with technology companies across social media, gaming, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality and robotics. They seamlessly integrate into the technology that shapes our daily lives.  Food technology and products are good examples for AR.

AR for Food!

For example, many food brands use Augmented Reality to improve sales and marketing. This new technology drives more customers and attention to the product.  Here are two augmented reality packaging examples of the use:

Freeze Drying with Space Food

Space Food is an innovative food company offering the customer freeze dried fruits in smaller packages.  Subsequently, the freeze-drying method is a well-known technology since the beginning of the 20th century. It has been used in many fields such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology and space studies. Therefore, it has been used in food sector since the middle of this century.

The products dried by pace food technology not dried in sunlight or by heating. This is NASA technology to dry out the food of Astronauts in space. It offers people healthy and easy to use food whenever needed. The following video on cxocARd YouTube channel shows how to use the freeze-dried fruits of Space Food.

Augmented Reality Package – Food FMCG

Space Food is a freeze dried food product with cxocard we they are augmented their video contents on their packages. We are also able to change video content…

Cadbury Advent Calenders for Holidays

A well known chocolate brand Cadbury uses AR to promote its products as well. In particular, this past Christmas, Cadbury made use of AR to bring the Holiday season to life with its Advent Heroes event. They distributed special Holiday Heroes calendars to consumers. They use AR application. Each day, consumers could view the specific date on their calendar through the application. Finally, you get a fun reward such as AR experiences like holiday themed selfies related to chocolates, candies, and other Cadbury products. This helped people stay engaged with the Cadbury brand each and every day of the Advent calendar. It also increased their social media reach.

The attached link shows Cadbury chocolate bars and augmented application view.In short, some see high-growth business with a product that is unique, proprietary, and necessary for brands as they build their AR content portfolio

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