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Customer Case : AR Book

An AR book, or Augmented Reality book, is an innovative digital platform that merges the physical and virtual worlds, enhancing the reading experience by overlaying interactive 3D elements, animations, and multimedia content onto the pages of a traditional book.

CxocARd is at the forefront of this AR revolution, seamlessly integrating AR technology into our daily lives. With CxocARd, you can easily upload and access various forms of printed materials, including business cards, flyers, catalogs, and even books, on their cloud-based platform.

Usage of Augmented Reality – AR in books innovates the user experience of reading a book. Kenya Through My Father’s Eyes is a book published by Salim Amin. Let’s dive into our new case…

The story of the book covers life of Mohamed Amin. Mohamed Amin was born on 29 August 1943 in Eastleigh, Nairobi. He developed an interest in photography at school.

He founded the Camerapix company in 1963 in Dar es Salaam and moved the company to Nairobi three years later. During the 1970s, he became one of the most relied-upon African news photographers, reporting on wars and coups all through the continent, and his pictures were often used by Western news media. Amin’s most influential moment came when his filming, along with Michael Buerk’s reporting of the 1984 Ethiopian famine brought international attention to the crisis and eventually helped start the charity wave that resulted in Live Aid concerts.

His son Salim Amin still running the Camerapix and Kenya Through My Father’s Eyes written by Mohammed Amin’s son Salim Amin. This book is a special book and it’s limited edition. There is only 2000 copies only.

In Camerapix archive there was also some video content related with the story Salim Amin decided to integrate these video contents with Augmented Reality technology and they choose cxocARd AR Service for their books. You can also watch the story of this AR book called Kenya Through My Father’s Eyes .

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