What is Google Lens? Is it for iOS?

What is Google Lens?

Google, which is described as the best search engine has recently entered the augmented reality sector with Google Lens service. Google Lens, in short, visual search tool, is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology that uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning to understand what you are looking at and help your actions based on right information about text and images in a meaningful way. The service, Google Lens was revealed at Google I/O 2017: 

Google Lens is smart enough to identify flower species


Google Lens For Augmented Reality

Google Lens Augmented Reality

Google Lens Augmented Reality

Google has recently announced its collaboration with New York Times Magazine to offer augmented reality (AR) experience. That is to say that Google Lens and New York Times Magazine combined their forces for augmented reality.

This Project, “Behind the Cover” aims to make the print reading experience more engaging. We all know, sometimes it is difficult to describe in words. In those times, for instance, the camera seems to be a more powerful tool to show Google, the holly bible –source of information -- what you want more information about. New York Times Magazine covers are visualized by Google Lens every week. Therefore, you can open Google Lens app and point your camera at the cover page and learn more about every week’s topic.



Bring The New York Times Magazine cover to life with Google Lens

cxocARd for Cloud Based Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Business - cxocARd

Maybe, you are not as big publisher as New York Times Magazine to collaborate with Google Lens. But, you can adapt Augmented Reality technology to your publications together with cxocARd.

cxocARd is a Cloud Based Augmented Reality platform and it has been used all around the world in different fields such as machinery, textile, FMCG, education, museums etc.  As our motto “Meet Augmented Reality”, the main purpose of cxocARd is to make Augmented Reality is reachable for every business.

One of the biggest advantage of cxocARd is that you don’t need any coding knowledge and high budgets to reach Augmented Reality experience.

Some examples:

AR for Magazines:
AR for Magazines - Augmented Reality - cxocARd - Cloud Based AR Platform
AR for Books – Harward Business Review Case: 
Augmented Reality for Books - AR For Book - No Coding Req.
Augmented Reality for Product Package – AirPods Apple:

Augmented Reality for Product Package - AirPods Apple

Thanks to image recognition and processing technology behind it, cxocARd visualizes the target such printed materials as flashcards, business cards, catalogs, book covers by matching them with a video. cxocARd app camera has the ability to detect an object (we called as the target) trigger the embedded video. It will definitely get your attention and activate your brain neurons. cxocARd will change how we see and interact with the world. It is possible to visualize the learning material thanks to embedded videos. Most importantly, video-based learning facilitate permanent learning.

You can carry your learning material wherever you go. It is a remote learning opportunity tool. That is to say that here is no location and time boundary with cxocARd.

There is no user limit for this tech.

On our backend, we are also tracking video download statistics. Hence, it is possible to report user interactions.

You can visit our instagram profile for cxocARd cases and look at FAQ for more information or CONTACT us.

cxocARd app is readily available for both iOS and Android since May 2018 and everyone can freely download the app.

To experience cxocARd AR experience, please fill the form below as freemium. We will activate your content in max. 24 hours.

we will use your email address to give information about the activation of your target
YouTube link - we will use this video content to match with your target ( your business material )
Your Target >> image of your business card, catalog page , flyer ,brochure any surface related with your business (jpg,jpeg,png) max file size - 2mb


What Else Google Lens Do? / What can you do with it?

Thanks to its ability to read texts…


Google Lens Augmented Reality

  • Let’s think! You have lots of business cards on your hand. Google Lens will read texts for you and it can offer some actions such as sending an e-mail, calling the number, looking at his/her social media account or directing you Google Map to find his/her address.
  • Have you ever wondered about what to order at a restaurant? What about looking up dishes to see what’s popular on the menu, with photos and reviews taken from Google Maps.
  • Let’s dream a more creative scenario: You are travelling abroad and you can’t understand the meanings of any words you see. It can make translation for you at that time. So, it really eases your life, does not it?
  • Even in a simple case, it saves your time with just copy and paste.

Thanks to its ability to recognize images…


Let’s think! You’re in New York. And you saw a high-rise building and you want to learn what it is. To learn this, you just need to take your camera open up Google Lens. Then, you will see little circles poping up. Tap on the circle and it will show you what it is. It is Empire State Building, which is one of the high-rise buildings in the world with its 381 m height.


It is possible to detect and identify objects. Let’s think, you are in a botanic garden in which full of flowers. Google Lens acts like a florist and tells the plant types. Indeed, it would be crucial for someone who have allergies some of flower species. It sounds perfect, does not it? Identifying plants and animals kinds could be a good learning tool for kids.

FIND A LOOK YOU LIKE – Let’s make a little bit crazy about image recognition ability…

  • Let’s say you need a sofa for your house or office. In addition to identifying objects, Google Lens is able to search for you to offer other similar alternatives. So, it will offer different alternatives in accordance with your need and interests. You don’t need to describe what you’re looking for in a serachbox.
  • Or, you are looking for clothes, shoes for you. Wouldn’t it be perfect, seeing various alternatives based on your interest in a moment? Therefore, this facilitates your shopping activity. Besides, it will see an outfit that catches your eye.

Google Lens currently supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

How to use Google Lens: The Coolest App You Aren't Using

Google Lens is only for Androids? Can I use it for iOS?

Google Photos and Google Assistant apps offer Google Lens experience. Just as a reminder: Android devices already inholds all Google apps. This means that Google Lens was integrated with both Google Assistant and Google Photos apps in Android devices. Furthermore, Google Lens has been been directly added to the device’s own camera app in some Android phones, including the Pixel 4 and others.

You may questioning that whether or not Google Lens is accessible for iOS users. The answer is yes, you can use it in iOS devices. People who own iPhone 10R have an access to Google Lens through directly Google app. They will see Lens icon on the search bar.

For other iOS users, Google Lens was integrated with Google Photos app. They can use it via Google Photos.  


Thus, Google Lens is accessible via Google Photos and Google Assistant apps. If we think once more, actually Google initially announced Google Photos and Google Asssistant products before thangle Photos and Google A it. So, former products were serving a base for super AI tool, Google Lens.

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