How Augmented Reality helps children to learn?

There are now various new ways used in the classroom while teaching. With the development of technological resources, they are being incorporated in today’s education. Now the use of AR and VR in classrooms are quite common. It is now evident that, Augmented Reality helps children to learn. Many believe it helps the students interact and engage with each other. It is used in different materials that can be found in the school. Therefore, there are many benefits and many uses of augmented reality in education. Students and teachers use various materials that allow them to learn using the digital concept.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the classrooms:

The first benefit students will have is that learning will become more interesting. Students that may have problems focusing in class can become more engaged. Augmented reality helps children learn outside of their textbooks that provide higher interest and engagement.
Another of the many benefits is that students can visualize complex concepts in a new perspective. Instead of the ordinary two dimensional books, students can experience learning in a new platform.

Some students are use smart glasses. This way they can visualize the subjects they learn which creates a more lifelike education. Even if they don’t understand what they listen to and read in class they have the opportunity to perceive it in front of their eyes. Ar is an environment where numerical subjects are shifted and moved around for easy learning. With subjects such as history, the cases can be brought back to be seen with a new dimension.

It also is a good way of learning because it is easily accessible. Students can use their devices anywhere and anytime. While blackboards and projectors are reserved to the classroom augmented reality can be brought everywhere. Tablets and glasses are portable and easy to carried around.

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Unlike virtual reality that requires expensive hardware, augmented reality is usable with tablets or cellphones that most students already have. That’s why one of the benefits of augmented reality in education is affordability.
This version of learning is also beneficial due to its universal applicability in any area and level of education. For this reason, the usage is not limited to an age group and topic. Augmented reality in education brings many opportunities, changing the way people experience, perceive and learn new areas.

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