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In this article we try to answer following questions , what is google 3d animals , tiger 3d on google lens , a life sized tiger, tiger 3d view,  ar animals , 3d augmented reality animals ?  According to Google news release done in May 2019,  first AR objects will launch in Google Search with 3D animals.

The ability to preview animals via augmented reality in Google Search is one of the more fancy additions and it’s now live.

These AR animals in Google Search can be accessed right from the corresponding Knowledge Panel, with cards providing a preview and prompt to “Meet a life sized tiger up close.” The “View in 3D” button launches the experience.

Can You Imagine a Life Size Tiger in Your Living Room ? 

Get ready to meet a Life-Sized Tiger and immerse yourself in the wonder of AR!

You need an interface for interacting with objects like Google Lens. A Google logo appears at the top. It has a document describing the object you’re interacting with. These animals feature sound effects that automatically play as you put your mouse over an object. Tapping anywhere will remove controls for full screen.

Augmented reality is displayed with a button to “View in your space.” Initially, users are asked to “Give access” to camera and device storage. A button in the bottom-right corner returns you to the animal against a white background.

Available Google Search AR animals include: lions, tigers, bears, alpine goats, timber wolves, European hedgehogs, angler fish, and emperor penguins.

Google announced that, they are also partnering with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target,Volvo and others to surface third-party content in the future. This could include shopping use cases or human anatomy as a study tool.

AR tiger on your phone…

If you’ve got an AR-enabled phone, you can now bring select animals right into your space for a safari.

To use the feature, navigate to Google on a compatible device. Search for the animal in question in Google Search. If the animal you’ve searched for is available, it’ll show up in a small box with some statistics and an animated thumbnail. And you will see an invitation prompt “meet a life-sized tiger up close.”

From there, tap “View in 3D”, and the site will display an animated, 3D model. When you click on the AR tab on the top, it’ll switch to an AR view on your phone. This step takes a few minutes. You have to move your phone around before populating a handful of animals. But then, it displays a tiger, a golden eagle, and a wolf hanging out in your living room. It’ll let you take a clean screenshot as well ! Meeting a life-sized tiger in AR is easier than you might think.

The feature is pretty cool. You can understand the sizes of these animals in real life. It can be used as an education tool.

Google says the  3D feature used for some more practical things, like shopping. You can see what a product looked like without actually having it in your hand.

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