Best Graduation Gift with Augmented Reality (AR) (1)-min

AR Gifting ?

You may use AR as a Gift. Here is a sample case. As graduation time approaches, people look for a meaningful gift for each other or for their children/friends. Giving a creative gift as a graduation gift will make you more interesting to the person you are giving the gift to. The best graduation gift is your memories. You can animate them with cxocard. Apart from the usual gifts, what is the best graduation gift suitable for the 2021 digital age we are in? This gift is a good idea for special occasions whether it’s for a man, woman or child.

cxocARd as a Best Graduation Gift! 

Do you know that cxocARd works very well in photo / image targets? Yes, the app works very well with photos.

cxocARd is an augmented reality application. Because it is fast and innovative, it can be used in many areas from business cards to photo albums and even books. If you are looking for a meaningful and different surprise for a gift, you can use the cxocARd application. So how?

cxocARd requires a target and a video. After you send them, the installation will be done as soon as possible. Then, when you open the app and point your phone’s camera towards the target image, the video you send starts playing with high quality and good sound! For cxocARd to work, all you need to do is download the application and be connected to the internet. The cxocARd team does all the installation process in accordance with the destination and video you sent.

Whether it’s a gift for a boy, a girl, a sibling or a mother, (and of course as a graduation ) innovative gifts will always attract attention. You can get out of the ordinary with an augmented reality-powered gift. For use in albums, you can match a video of your photos or a clip that the person you are giving a gift loves on the photo you will send. In this way, both your memories will be permanent and you will attract attention.

Affordable Even Demo Is Free!

Don’t be afraid when it comes to augmented reality. cxocARd installs your demo for FREE for you to test the application! After testing your demo, you can start paid use according to your wishes and needs. You can click here to request a demo and use augmented reality as a graduation gift in 2021.

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