AR meeting

Spatial experience:

Spatial is an experience designed for conference rooms–and an impressive articulation of how AR can help teams work remotely, in real time.

Participants (wherever they are) all see one another as waist-up, photorealistic avatars, complete with real height that drops if they’re sitting, and articulated arms and hands. It sounds futuristic, but it actually starts to feel normal, fast. Photos, websites, Post-its, and even webcam feeds can be placed onto the shared virtual walls while you work. You can also pull in large 3D models, which can be placed on tables and resized.

AR meeting in the movie Kingsman:

The movie Kingsman : The Secret Service is a fantastic movie that takes place in today’s England. It was taken in 2014 and rated 7.7 by IMDB.  In the movie, the characters use a technology that isn’t currently used. However it is very close to Spatial. Unlike Spatial, in Kingsman’s meeting everyone look as they are waist up. The movie uses this wickedly cool technology. It has everything modern spy movies have been missing since the early days of James Bond. The main actors are Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Samuel L. Jackson.

The glasses you see on Colin Firth are no ordinary specs, and they could just be the next big thing in business wear. In Kingsman, we witness a swiftly executed virtual meeting between league members. Every member in the meeting wears AR glasses therefore they all can see each other. It allows them to see each other in holographic form using the glasses. In the meantime, real life technology isn’t far behind.

It also lets the Kingsmen scope out enemy hideouts in advance, take Google Glass-like surveillance snaps and even have virtual meetings with operatives anywhere in the world, as if they were in the very same room.

We hope to see the Kingsman’s AR meeting technology as soon as possible.

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