GOLONYA a new trend in scents

GOLONYA a new trend in scents

GOLONYA a new trend in scents

We have seen Augmented Reality in many different fields of life. How about scents? Do think AR or VR help to sell scents? Imagine, it is a product can be sensed by smelling only.Lets see GOLONYA a new trend in scents.

For this particular campaign, point-of-sale and product packaging for the new fragrance include augmented reality experiences that consumers can access by downloading cxocARd mobile app.

Working with trends and offering creative innovation of packages and décor is the main goal for many cosmetic brands. In the world of beauty, cxocARd can offer an exclusive and immersive experience with your brand. Therefore, your clients can enjoy and appreciate each moment with your products.

A new trend in scents: GOLONYA

GOLONYA is a new brand of eau de toilette, produced in Corum Turkey. They introduce themselves as the eau de toilette expert of the country. They have introduced the AQUA, MANDARINE, SPICE, FIG and COFFEE scents instead of the traditional lemon and lavender.  The company has created a difference in the business, using new trends and out of tradition scents of new concepts. In addition, the brand successfully uses the augmented reality to improve the client experience.  The new techniques in enhancing the product using the augmented reality unifies the real world with the virtual one.

Here, the attached video runs an introduction of the new scent of GOLONYA Fresh Blossoms. “This spring it will smell fresh flowers everywhere…GOLONYA, Fresh Blossoms. Now in the stores

Augmented Reality for Product Packages – Case Golonya


With AR, it was possible to see the fresh spring flowers with water dripping on them under bright sun. Moreover, the color tones explode on the screen portraying the creative new product. And, with the addition of perfect wording that match your concept or any type of music that represents your product, it will be played along with the video images.

Finally, the warm images running and soft words/sounds accompanying takes the product and enchanting contents up to a new level, making one wish to smell.

Space Food

Another successful Augmented Reality packaging example is Space Food. CxocARd is also the image support of Space Food  with Augmented Reality feature of the brand. Here is another great packaging/AR connection video below.

Augmented Reality Package – Food FMCG

Space Food is a freeze dried food product with cxocard we they are augmented their video contents on their packages. We are also able to change video content…


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