Wynants and Zonen – Augmented Reality Customer Case

wynants and zonen

Wynants and Zonen – Augmented Reality Customer Case

Wynants and Zonen metal recycle company offers wide range of solution for all metal waste in B2B and B2C. At the end of last year, they launched  a corporate video for their marketing. Wynants and Zones also decided to give a present for their customers. As a gift, they designed a corporate T-shirt.

Wynants and Zonen Experience to use cxocARd Augmented Reality Service

The firm was looking for something unusual to capture customer attention. They search for an innovative solution to combine these two marketing materials (T-shirt & Corporate Video). While searching for a creative marketing tool, Wynants and Zonen reached cxocARd.

cxocARd is an Augmented Reality platform, that serves creative solutions in different fields such as machinery, textile, FMCG, education, museums etc. cxocARd has wide range customer portfolio in worldwide. As our motto “Meet Augmented Reality“, the main purpose of cxocARd is to make Augmented Reality is reachable for every business. Our app is ready for iOS and Android . We activate your contents in the same day.

One of the biggest advantage of cxocARd is that you don’t need any coding knowledge and high budgets to reach Augmented Reality experience.


Wynants and Zonen Experience…

They registered the image of their T-shirt design and their video content to cxocARd server and cxocARd app’s camera starts to recognize their T-shirt and Augmented their video content on their T-shirt.

You can find the Screen Recording video bellow about the experience of cxocARd AR Solution on Wynants and Zonen T-shirt.

Augmented Reality on T-shirt – Case WYNANTS & ZONEN

WYNANTS & ZONEN is a metal recycle company offers wide range of solution for all metal waste .


Also cxocARd has world wide availability. This means that you and your audiences can download cxocARd to mobile phones wherever they are located. More than that, after we register your content into our cloud system, cxocARd experience will be reachable from all over the world. So, Wynants and Zonen corporate video can be viewed on their T-shirts. For each T-shirt, they are now able to distribute their corporate video by cxocARd Augmented Reality tech.

On our backend, we are also tracking video download statistics. Hence, it is possible to report user interactions with your marketing materials such as T-shirts in this case.

Registering your content to cxocARd is also quite simple. To register your content you can fill our form below. We will activate your content in max. 24 hours.

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