cxocARd customers

cxoCArd customers

cxocARd customers

In this article we would like to introduce you two new cxocARd customers.

Dust of gods

One of them is an artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Antonio Tadrisi. His brand is Dust of gods by creating truly unique, wearable art.

cxoCArd customersFirst of all, he is a design architect, sculptor, taste maker and entrepreneur. So, this paints only the broadest strokes of his award- winning creative practice. As a matter of fact, he began as a scientist, pursuing studies in molecular biology and biomedical engineering. Then he realized his calling lay in building worlds, not dissecting them.

Each jacket is a hand-picked canvas that is cut, styled, painted, and embellished to become an intricate work of art.

Projagg Asia Pte Ltd.

cxoCArd customersNow, the second business we will introduce is  Projagg Asia Pte Ltd. It provides technology services. The Company offers block chain technology solutions. Projagg Asia serves customers in Singapore.

In their website, they explain their business as follows:

They enable the Proprietary Distributed Technology to ensure that all project funds are fully secured. And it is untouchable by Developer & Main Contractor, and disbursements.

Compliance,  carefully categorized and classified based the supporting documents by each Developer, Funder, Vendor, Supplier and Professional Service Collaboration. Which starts projects across the globe. It is not limited by local knowledge and resources.

​Finally, Hyper Ledger Technology helps to deploy their own proprietary distributed ledger system. It is a smart contract. A Custom API locks in all key data and information. Therefore no employees can manipulate, alter or amend information and data for their own gains.

Projagg Asia Pte Ltd. aims to integrate cxoCArd services to create a united front.

The Augmented Reality applications in simple terms used in many different areas. Either art, fashion or technology. They promote your product, thus enhance your services.

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