How to use Augmented Reality for Business

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Usage Augmented Reality for Business

In this article we try to answer how to use augmented reality for business from our approach. May be you don’t know our blog is listed in top 50 Augmented reality blogs  .  As an augmented reality service provider we have too many cases in that field. especially in cloud based augmented reality field.

We try to create a list  augmented reality can help for your business in the following areas ;

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Presentation
  • Data Visualization

Most of the cases that you heard of generally comes from big companies. Most of them try to use augmented reality to proof how they are innovative how they track new trends etc… and most of the effort is for PR activities.

But Augmented reality is not only for PR  and not only for Marketing … and most of the cases it needs huge amount of budgets. But in todays world developers and tech companies working on decreasing costs and increasing the usage of augmented reality.

Google Lens  is a good example for public usage of augmented reality especially in search field. Also they are working with New York Times Magazine for the new  printed media experience with AR

You can also customized cxocARd for your printings in your business

Facebook also working on for augmented reality instagram filters with Spark AR  with Spark AR you can create some IG AR Filters for your business or you can choose an agency like VR Turu to develop an IG AR Filter for your Business

In this article we try to list common usages and some available tools for the usage of Augmented Reality for Business.

As cxocARd we have deeper experience as cases and as demos for the rest of this article we will share some videos from our YouTube channel.

Augmented Reality for your Technical Documents 




Augmented Reality for your Packages 


Augmented Reality for your Business Card 


Also with our collaboration of data visualization service called winfographic  you can experience Augmented Reality with your data .


If you have an idea to use Augmented Reality for your business you can test cxocARd for free – Just you need a target and a video content. We are sharing our form for your demo requests … If you have any questions you can check our FAQ

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