The PosItIve Impact of Augmented RealIty on B2B MarketIng StrategIes

1. Increase customer engagement ( physIcal envIronment ) wIth Augmented Content and / or InteractIve features

2. IncreasIng the reputatIon to your company

3- IncreasIng the presentatIon ( pItchIng ) TIme

In the future, AR ( Augmented Reality )  will permeate all aspects of our lives. It will be used to make our everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

Augmented Reality – AR is about to become a crucial part of marketing because it provides businesses with a new channel to engage customers in their product in an interactive and immersive way. With AR, marketers can provide users with up-close views of products, target them with personalized messages, or allow them to interact with products or functionalities that are not otherwise available.

Test & Implement Your B2B MarketIng Case wIth Augmented RealIty

1- Augmented Reality Business Card : You can use your business card as a pitching tool for example you can integrate your corporate video to your business card

click to image to watch the experience video

2-Augmented Reality Catalog : If your company have a catalog you can easily integrate your physical product pages to your product video and share more details to your customers

click to image to watch the experience video

3-Augmented Reality for Technical Data Sheet : In some cases TDS’s are not enough to explain your product details such as ; how to use , how it works etc. with cxocARd Augmented Reality solution you can integrate your product video to your technical data sheet.

click to image to watch the experience video

To fully immerse the user experience and create an engaging experience for the customer, marketers have started integrating augmented reality into their campaigns by combining physical and digital assets.

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How cxocARd works?

cxocARd is an cloud based augmented reality platform which is ready for iOS and Android. Also you can freely download the app.

cxocARd has image processing technology behind it. Therefore, cxocARd app camera is capable of recognizing the target such printed materials as flashcards, business cards, catalogs, book covers and matching them with a video. Hence, it will definitely get your attention and activate your brain neurons.

It is possible to visualize the learning material thanks to embedded videos. Most importantly, video-based learning facilitate permanent learning.
You can also carry your learning material wherever you go. That is to say that it is a remote learning opportunity tool. Hence, there is no location and time boundary with cxocARd.

Moreover there is no user limit for this tech. With cxocARd, AR technology can be reachable for everyone.

We will use this "Email" to inform you when we setup your content
We will use this video content
Image of your business card

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