augmented reality business card

Q: Can you define Augmented Reality Business Card ?

A: Imagine a regular printed Business Card . Augmented side starts with an AR application like cxocARd. When cxocARd camera (your phone) recognizes your business card and it runs your Augmented video content.

Q : Do AR Cards need special designs ? 

A : No. We integrate any regular business card to cxocARd cloud server.

augmented reality business cardQ: What is cxocARd Cloud Server ? 

A : As we know server is a  computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized network in a secure environment and location. All the content; which are your business card and your corporate videos loaded in cxocARd cloud server. When the camera(your phone) detects your business card it associates your augmented video content with the printed material and starts running  the video content.

Q: How can I reach more users with my Augmented Reality Business Card ? 

A:  cxoARd is a great pitching tool. You can show your content to your client and guide your audience with your business card. You can have a specially designed printed business card.  Then using instruction on your business card to download the cxocARd, you can use our QR code as explained below:

QR : Download Path of cxocARd 

You can use the bellow QR code to have information about the downloading  cxocARd application to your client’s phones. QR code has the easy to use instructions for you to download.

augmented reality business cardSpecial Design AR Business Card with cxocARd instruction

If you have a specific request to design your own business card with AR feature, we can also handle that for you. Please contact with our designer team that creates the best Augmented Reality Business Card design. We will design your card and integrate it withe Augmented Reality !


You can also use your own design.   cxocARd recognizes your business card by using image processing techniques. If there are faint or hard to read details, very small prints; it may effect the quality of the AR experience. Please make sure  the details and the details on are not very small or in pastel colors.

If you have more question about the process you can refer to our FAQ section 

For demo:

We will use this "Email" to inform you when we setup your content
We will use this video content
Image of your business card

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I’m interested in doing something like this for my product Labels. I want something like The Walking Dead wine bottles

Hi Marlin on our home page there is form you can fill it. By sharing the image of your wine bottle and a video content link from YouTube. We will activate your content in the same day…
Have a nice day

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