How to Create Augmented Reality Catalog


How to Create Augmented Reality Catalog

Creating an Augmented Reality Catalog could be really challenging. Let’s make the process simple. İkea Augmented Reality  Catalog ,is a really sexy looking example of the Augmented Reality world.


augmented-reality-catalogBut, please remember that creating 3D models is not an easy job and it requires budget . These models will be augmented through the mobile phone, they are designed in low poly format. You can also  Augmented Video content. For 3D models we build a white label application. A good example of this application is Elvan ( FMCG Producer ).

First FMCG AR Catalog in TURKEY -for ELVAN GIDA- Powered by Kinovasyon

This is the first AR catalog for FMCG Industry ( Elvan Gida ) in Turkey by K-inovasyon . We are offering Tailor Made Augmented Reality Solutions with mobile …

White Label Application Offer:

Nowadays, nearly every company has video content . Let’s see how we can easily create an Augmented Reality catalog.To run the video content, you need to define specific pages for your specific video content. After that, your pages became your target.Your video content is your Augmented Reality of the model.Most of the work is accomplished, after preparing the video content. Now all you need an Augmented Reality application .  CxocARd team has vast expertise in the subject. We can create the application, image and the logo for you. In order to realize an Augmented Reality catalog,  however you would need application development. You should consider a budget starting from 2000 USD when there is development. However,  SDK cost would be 500 USD. If you wish to realize this project, you need to plan your content and CxocARd  will customize a white label application for you.

Cloud based Augmented Reality:

On the other hand, if you are not interested in a white label application, you can use a cloud based Augmented Reality Platform. CxocARd already provides this services to many of its customers. The pricing starts from 10 USD per month. The same day we receive the order, your catalog  will be augmented with your video content.

cxocARd Augmented Reality for Catalog – Case Taçmak ( taç makina )

Augmented Reality for catalog by using cloud based AR APP platform cxocARd


You can use our form in our Landing Page to create your free demo.  You need to share your target  (The catalog pages) with us and your video content link loaded in Youtube.

Your content activated in our cloud server.  CxocARd application will recognize your catalog pages and start to augment the pages defined.For more information on the process please check our FAQ 

For demo:

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