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An augmented reality app …

Lets brings you a new vision of augmented reality an erase what you already know. Augmented reality is a technology that transcends reality. CxocARd is a trendy augmented reality application. The application matches your video, your content and a target, your document on the it’s  secure cloud base.

CxocARd keeps you connected with promotional ideas. It combines you with the mastery of technology and the necessity of time.

The system originally designed to promote management business cards. But, it can be applied to many various areas. Not only it can be used on  business card but brochures and product packaging as well.  Basically making all sorts of printed material the target, make them come alive with the streaming video content you provide us. Your imagination is the sky in creating your promotions and advertisements !

With Cxocard, you will get ahead when introducing your company. you leave the classic promotional activities. so you get attention.

Ease of cxocard

cloud based augmented reality

cxocard is very simple to use. After we define the video on the target, the only thing you have left is to open the app. When you open the application, you must aim the camera at the target. It’s that easy.

cxocard adds motion to your stationary publicity tools. you can tell what you want to tell with your video. you can even define information on how to use your product on video.

CxocARd as an augmented realIty applIcatIon

augmented reality business card

cxocard’s cloud base is now full of work. If you want to take advantage of it’s, you can download the application and contact us.

If you want to examine the work of its, you can find many examples on our instagram page and our website.

We share the link to our instagram account below.

Join it to increase your competitiveness and get solutions for the new age. You don’t want to miss an app used worldwide.

cxocARd is a cloud based Augmented Reality app for Business. Available for iOS and Android. Fast and Easy to Setup… No coding required… World wide availa…

You just want innovative solutions. Augmented reality applications will be with you. now the future is in their control. Don’t waste time on old ways. Catch up with currrent time. Even get your effort to get service beyond time.

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Catch the digital era with cxocARd !

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