Not everyone can do it !

Çorum is a relatively smaller city in central Anatolia in Turkey. They now have talking billboards. They are currently advertising a documentary by the City Culture and Tourism Directory.

The billboards are on the bus stops and in the squares where people can easily notice. As cxocARd we help the project to Augmented the Billboards. The billboards the project  now talking using the cloud based Augmented Reality application. You can the view the video loaded on a secure server by using your mobile phone.

Augmented Reality Talking Billboards

The name of the documentary they are advertising is  “Herkes yapamaz 2”. “Not everyone can do it 2”. The Directory previously made a first sequel and aired it.

The movies are based on the notes in a historical document about Çorum.  It is “Documents from the History of the North Caucasus”. A long and tiring research done on the Ottoman archive documents. The reaserch is by KAFKASEVI social and strategic research center of City Culture and Tourism Directory.

The movies are made against the connotation that we dont agree and change the perception about the city and the famous saying used by people from outside the city. It is  “Even people from Çorum doesn’t not make what you do”.    This saying has a negative meaning,  which undermines people from Çorum. The story of an important monument for Çorum and the remembrance of an important hero is another aim of the film. The documentaries gathered a lot of attention within the country and outside.

For more details about the #herkesyapamaz project you can visit the project web site


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