Business Card Augmented Reality

Business Card Augmented Reality

During your meetings, participation in various events; you naturally hand in your business card (how to create your  augmented reality business card with cxocard  ? ) . However, one thing you should keep in mind is; you are handing in more than a card. It is a chance to tell the story of your business, your ideas. It is a great chance to improve your business, when you are networking in work environments, conferences, seminars, symposiums even social gatherings.

Your business card helps your business and brand, creates human connections and adds a human touch. It puts a face to your business and brand. Your card assists the business owners and business professionals in creating new network connections. It is a very powerful tool to create brand awareness.

CXOCARD - Promo - "where business cards meet augmented reality"

Ultimate tool for pitching

By meaning, a pitch is a short presentation. Because sometimes you will only have a brief moment to introduce yourself. Which can be a great opportunity to introduce your ideas and work.

Pitching technique can be used under different circumstances and for different occasions. We use pitching, when we must convince a colleague or business partner about a certain way of doing things or new ways and ideas.

Things may look easy on paper when you have a good idea. Therefore you want to convince others about it. Often it isn’t as easy as it may sound.

This is where cxocARd comes into the picture. Your pitch will greatly improve when you have loaded the video content that will display along with your business card. Your  card contains more data then you think. A short video that will display with the augmented reality technology will stay in mind and have a different edge.

Perfect fit for c-levels

C-level executive is a high-ranking executive of a company in charge of making company-wide decisions. cxocARd augmented reality solution is a perfect fit for C-level managers. It is a technology fit for C-Level management.

cxocARd is readily available in app store and google play.You can download cxocARd from download page 

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