AR t-shirt by INM GXDS

AR t-shirt by INM GXDS

AR t-shirt by INM GXDS

The Gxd Complex ( AR T-Shirt ) 

Those who get it get, Those who don’t won’t

Autonomous Fashion!

Your shirt,your story by INM GXDS

“Mvmnt is life ?”

INM GXDS is a unique t-shirt brand that combines you, your story with your clothing. It is a smart brand. (AR t-shirt by INM GXDS). Moreover, trendy, interesting, liberating and creative designs printed on the t-shirts come alive with the augmented reality technology. INM GXDS has recently enriched it’s collection by using the cxocARd application.

Gxd|Szn III Smart shirt has AR capability. It allows the shirt to tell it’s own story by content streaming.

You can give them the video content that tells you, your message, your values or your  believes. The content is loaded in cxocARd’s secure servers. Finally, with the application the users can simply view the loaded content with their phone or  tablet  by scanning the image or design on your  t-shirt.

INM GXDS collection is created by 2017 BY ITZNMEH CLOTHING LLC. It is a lifestyle brand that is here to bring you quality clothing. Their motto is “Mvmnt is life”

AR t-shirt by INM GXDSAR t-shirt by INM GXDS

You can order the items on their website





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