How is Augmented Reality Used in Tourism?

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As the use of augmented reality (AR) applications increases every day, new areas of use have emerged. AR can be used in many different places such as education, business cards, magazines, manuals and tables. cxocARd has examples in all of these areas with its rich customer catalog. If you want to view the examples, you can click here.

Tourism is another area where augmented reality is used. How is AR used in tourism? Augmented reality can be used in different ways in tourism. Augmented reality can be used on magnets belonging to countries or cities, city maps, souvenirs specific to touristic areas and directions.

1- Use of AR on magnets in tourism

Magnets are the most frequently used as souvenirs that can be unique to every city and every country, hang on the refrigerator and are often affordable. Magnets usually contain famous places in the city. AR can be used on magnets in tourism. With augmented reality applications, you can watch the promotional video of the place on the magnet and provide a more realistic travel experience to the people you receive the gift.

2- Use of augmented reality on city maps in tourism

Another use area of ​​augmented reality is city maps. City maps, which are used as city guides, are useful for tourists to get to know the places they visit and to know the roads. With the augmented reality city maps used in tourism, it facilitates the travel of tourists.

3- Use of AR on souvenirs

Souvenirs of every country and every city are different from each other. Those who want to make their relatives happy on the return trip want to buy souvenirs from the touristic places they visit. There are usually many options for souvenirs. Playing a city-specific video on the souvenirs can create an experience as if you were traveling the city. Therefore, the use of augmented reality in tourism is interesting.

AR has many uses. These usage areas can increase according to your needs and wishes. cxocARd, a cloud-based augmented reality application, also operates with augmented reality solutions. You can contact us for augmented reality use in the field of tourism or augmented reality in another field.

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