How Construction benefits AR ?

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Construction benefits AR ?  We try to answer this question. Augmented Reality in Construction Digitalized industry sectors are mostly adaptable for banking and finance sectors. The construction industry is the least digitalized in all. It is ranked just above agricultural industry. However, it is potentially, among those that could have the most gain.

Unfortunately, the construction industry has a reputation of poor quality, bad service, and a history of not keeping dead line promises. These issues arise from a lack of collaboration, faith and problematic relationship between stake holders.

Despite the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to solve inadequacy between trades, BIM is a tool that mostly in the design phase. Therefore, the usage of BIM currently ends at the design phase. Thus, BIM does not solve the information gap between design and construction. It leaves a gap between design to the completion of the project.

The business value of Augmented Reality has put confidence in AR being the next big thing, by Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. However, construction companies have conducted their own practical tests as they were ahead of academic studies.  In this context, AR enables things in practice. This means, digital objects are laid and superimposed into our vision and they augment the perception of reality. AR adds digital elements to the live view.


In the real world of construction the industry benefits AR by viewing 3D models of the constructions. AR glasses equipped staff can easily see the flows and strong points of the project in 3D rather than on 2D environment. Moreover, they can now view the digital data over their own platform and be able to access to enhanced information.

Before our company dive into cxocARd we build some AR APP for construction based on 3d models.

Finally, augmented reality helps the engineers to access knowledge easier and faster, build faster, better and safer.It also speeds up the processes. Also, it  helps us to understand the impact of the construction in its environment.

Also you can give share instructions, QA briefs , announcements with the field workers . Some construction projects has strict budgets. In these projects may be you dont’ have budget for proper 3d modeling , app development etc. We developed cxocARd to solve real world problems by using AR with low budgets. No coding , no app development and publishing , no 3d model . You can use cxocARd globally all around the world.  Our demo is also free. Just you need a video content and a target ( trigger ) .

Let’s imagine some cases for example you are tracking construction process with drone and you have some videos about the construction process. You can easily integrate this video to project catalog and you can distribute it world wide.  In this example your catalog page will be your trigger and your video content will be augmented on your catalog page.

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