Best Augmented Reality Platform


Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that mixes digital information with the real world. A range of apps, games and other gadgets use it to provide a more realistic experience to users. Experiencing augmented reality is easy with several easy-to-use augmented reality platforms.

In the last two years, AR has been widely adopted in the retail industry because of its power to connect brands and consumers. For example, Ikea’s virtual catalogues have transformed how consumers imagine purchasing furniture.

The future of augmented reality technology will be shaped by its ability to enhance our physical world without replacing it.

Augmented Reality is the next big thing, and you don’t need to be an expert to know which of these platforms are best.

AR made its debut in the 1990s with the re-release of the science fiction film “The Lawnmower Man”. This was followed by a slew of VR games, but nothing ever became mainstream. When smartphones came out, it seemed like AR was going to go nowhere fast, but now it seems like it’ll finally take off.

Apple’s ARKit is one of the most popular AR platforms on smartphones today. It allows developers to create games and apps for iPhones and iPads that take advantage of augmented reality features such as location data and camera input. With this platform, users can place virtual objects in their real surroundings and interact with them just.

Best Augmented Reality Platform

cxocARd is Cloud Based Augmented Reality platform where you can save your content in our cloud. Because our technology is cloud-based, it offers a fast and inexpensive way to experience augmented reality. For CxocARd you only need one target (image or plain background) and one video content.

  • Where Can You Use cxocARd?

  • CxocARd has a wide variety of uses. Works very well on flat surfaces such as photos, magazines, books, posters, business cards.
  • You can our app in the education industry, publishing and photography industry.

We claim that cxocARd is the best augmented reality platform in the industry!

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