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While selling or advertising  your product, you should also stay in touch with the similar products and ideas in your market. You should know your competitors and a likes. Here is an example to Best Augmented Reality Blog. 

CxoCard specializes in incorporating  augmented reality with your business cards. Also, various documentation,  food packaging, flyer etc. We try to maintain a blog with  interesting subjects and up to date articles.

Earlier this month, CxocARd is awared “Best Augmented Reality Blog” by “”. In the meantime, for the last 7 years brings product reviews from more than 200 trusted sources with 75 different editors.

In the Augmented Reality category 46 websites considered  by 4 editors.  CxocARd is selected as one of the best augmented reality blogs, awarded with a badge.


Blog writing  with correct and genuine information  based on expertise or research, connects you with the other sections of the market you are in.  Obviously, the articles must include original, real  ideas and presented with interesting facts.

As stated in their correspondence to CxocARd and their website: has been reviewed and awarded by our editorial team as one of the best augmented reality blogs out there.

Experdito has advised  us : “We analyzed your website based on content quality, authenticity factors, uniqueness, data security and a bunch of other aspects throughout the last weeks.”


Only the world-class blogs, in total 46, could pass our check with success and were awarded afterwards.advised n real terms, we have investigated:

  • Data security
  • Serviceability
  • Readability
  • Publicity and commercial printing
  • promotion
  • and many more facets! “

It’s urgent to our team here at Expertido that we choose the best blogs to recommend, so we put quite a bit of time into reviewing petitions for our seal. “

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