CxocARd exports software


CxocARd exports software

Corum, online news website is a well known news outlet in the area. They aim to inform business owners of the developments in the area and have the business keep in touch.  In november 2019 they published an article on CxocARd’s software export.  The article emphasizes on CxocARd. It is the only exporting Augmented Reality software in the country in its class.

CxocARd is a well-known company in the business circles of Corum, Turkey. Its international advancements followed with interest by the trade community. Within 2019 we have been getting more and more international business, offers and orders.

cxocard exports software

CxocARd exports software, news article by

“Cloud based augmented reality application CxocARd is continuing its adventure by servicing its customers internationally.

Augmented Reality application is a software that the content is not available  in the physical environment.  The application allows you to see and examine the object on your screen or the device, which displays it more realistically.

CxocARrd is the only business in Turkey offering this service. As a result, CxocARd cloud base enviroment stores the video content sent by the customer. This is to match the business cards, billboards, brochures, product boxes  and similar surfaces. It combines the physical environment with the video content given by the customer and loaded into the secure servers of CxocARd.

Moreover, starting with Corum CxocARd is exporting all over Turkey and in various places throughout the world. With ever expanding customer base CxocARd gets to have more and more say in regards to the Augmented Reality industry.”

Finally, the article link mentioned above is attached for your further reading.

In conclution, as the team of CxocARd we are proud to be the subject of the news locally and internationally. For more information on Augmented Reality and products by CxocARd please check our FAQ   or  CONTACT us.

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