AR in Photos and Albums

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Do you know that cxocARd works very well in photos / albums? Yes, the AR app works very well with photo and albums. Just like a digital album.

Not only the calendars, business cards, books but the targets you can use AR are almost endless. How about a few examples: wedding or baby albums, school yearbooks, photos and even cookbooks.

Imagine, in your school book you have the class photo; however with “cxocARd” app you can play a fun video on the top of the serious looking class photo. Wouldn’t that be a priceless experience?

AR PhotoS, AR AlbumS

To use in albums with AR, you can match a video of your photos or a favorite clip of the person you gifted to the photo you send.

  • You can transfer your school memories to digital with cxocARd!
  • You can play a chronological photo series or collage of your school videos with cxocARd.
  • In this way, your memories will be permanent and you will attract attention.

cxocARd is also frequently used in wedding albums, photographs and wedding invitations.

  • Like a digital album, you can play your wedding with videos within your wedding album.
  • This is an experience that will help you relive your good memories.
  • An experience beyond photo.

Using AR in photos can also be a good gift. You can gift AR photos to your partner, friend, mother or father, siblings. It will be an interesting gift.

IT IS Affordable AND Demo is Free!

Don’t be afraid when it comes to augmented reality. cxocARd installs your demo for FREE for you to test the application!

Just you need a target and a video content. We are sharing our form for your demo requests … If you have any questions you can check our FAQ.

Please fill the form below as freemium. We will activate your content in max. 24 hours.

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