Augmented Reality Stock Exchange Option

Augmented Reality Stock

Augmented Reality Stock Exchange Option

Today, Augmented Reality (AR) technology is not actively used however it supports the dynamics of global financial systems.  Augmented Reality Stock Exchange option is a very close future.

Citi group has sponsored and developed a Holographic Workstation for Financial Trading.  Seattle Company 8ninths designed and developed the application.  They got one of the first HoloLens by Microsoft where they were able to code on. Citi gave the data and all the details to develop. This helped to refine the tools and applications its traders currently use. If used by masses, consequently it will have many benefits that we don’t have today.

Advantages of Augmented Reality Stock Workstation

  • Due to shapes and colors of 3D representation in the AR program. It is easier to discover new trends, tendencies and happenings.
  • Focus Areas become more visible with shapes and colors
  • Smart work station is a multi-talented tool. It uses 2D and 3D screens and  act on voice commend and do your secretarial tasks.
  • Based on all these factors and the act of the trader, it brings out more efficient results.

A demo of AR trading

In the YouTube demo, Citi trader “Jason” checks his news on the traditional 2D monitors in his workstations. He then puts on his HoloLens and activates his, 3 tiered holographic 3D trading tools workstation.The trader then quickly assesses what’s happening in the market right now. He sees a cluster of activity in a specific field or high volume of trading. As a result the trader pulls up volume trends in the energy sector.  Finally, he calls his client “Dan” who is at a remote destination. Moreover, Jason uses his voice activated system and AR phone directory to call “Dan”.

Augmented Reality StockIn this context, AR assists trading and data analysis. Finally, the Augmented Reality Stock platforms empower traders and investors. They become capable of monitoring and visualizing financial markets in depth. With an AR assisted user interface, users are no longer restricted by the physical size of a computer , mobile or tablet screen.

Smart AR glasses displays advanced holographic representations of financial data and feeds. This information is overlaid on the real-world view of the user’s desk. Therefore, AR enables users to simultaneously operate a laptop or smartphone, or speak with a colleague in the room at the same time as a virtual partner as well.

Nonetheless, a traditional trader would have six to eight monitors. But, the CITI stock trader is no longer confined to the trading desk and could project graphs and maps the size of the room in the AR space.

“8ninths has created a business solution in the financial industry that revolutionizes the way people will interact with and best use financial data in a compelling and competitive way.”

— George Zinn —
Corporate Vice President & Treasurer, Microsoft


How to setup your free Augmented Reality Business Card ?

To setup a your free demo is quite easy. Just you need to fill our form . We will activate your free AR business card with your video content in 24 hours  and inform your side by sending an activation email to your email address.  You can find the setup form bellow. We are accepting your video content by youtube link. You can also download cxocard from THIS link .

You can upload your business card image to our form please scan or shot your business card image vertically. Our form accepting jpg,jpeg and png image formats only. Max file upload size is 1 MB .

Your business card remain active for 30 days and we have more !! If you shoot a screen cast upload it to Instagram by taging our profile THIS  you will get extra 30 days.

cxocARd is only for business card  ?

cxocARd is an AR platform for business and it’s not only for business card. It can be used for different for business. Maintenance , Quality Assurance, Product Marketing , Sales departments of  the companies.  AR technology opens us new ways of interaction tech with our audiance .

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