Augmented Reality Shopping will be next e-commerce thing ? 

Augmented Reality Shopping will be next e-commerce thing ?

According to our experience and our researches Augmented Reality Shopping will not be the next e-commerce thing. ! E-commerce adds to many advantages to shopping especially cost wise. But on Food and Fashion side people still wants to go to real  store. They want to see the alternatives and they also want to try.

In traditional shopping AR Shopping will increase … Customer will engange products and store with Augmented Reality technologies.  Such as,

  • promotions
  • how to use
  • how to set-up
  • how it will look like ( fashion – degreases the buying time , degreases the cost of the store ) – shopping AR Mirror is a great example for this case
  • additional  informations about the products… ( such as new recipe with the food product that your are going to buy )

Nowadays cloud based Augmented Reality application technologies expanding. Our tech also based on cloud based augmented reality. And cloud based tech gives flexibility to change contents , lower the size of app  and defining new contents.

cxocARd is cloud based Augmented Reality platform focus on especially business with one of client ( Space Food ) we are working on food recipe video from their packages.

Augmented Reality Package – Food FMCG

The above YouTube video is a  screen cast from cxocARd app… In near future AR platforms such as cxocARd  will  increase the shopping and user experience with Augmented Reality.

The user experience is increasing day by day and companies spending more resources to increase the user experience and engagement. In near future AR Tech will become a main stream to increase the user experience and engagement because cost of these AR techs becoming cheaper day by day and it’s much more easy than using other ways.

cxocARd is a cost effective tool to integrate augmented reality to your products. Our demo is also free just fill our form on our landing page


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