Interesting uses of Augmented Reality – AR

What are the examples of interesting uses of AR

AR and VR are not in our lives too long however today they have unusual ways of use. Here are some Interesting AR uses.

AR in Education:

Several studies have shown that people who learn and train in AR and VR retain the information much more deeply and for longer periods of time than those who simply use books and videos and other traditional methods.It is the closest way to the hand on learning.
In a study done by Ryerson College, Canada; students in construction management were diveded into two groups, one using AR and the other traditional methods. The AR group scored higher on tests about the construction materials they were though.

AR in Health:

Post-traumatic_stress_disorder treatment has been shown to benefit from VR.  The subjects were gradually exposing to the stimuli that caused the PTSD in the first place in a safe manner and allowing the subject to work through the trauma at the subject’s own pace.
Having blood drawn is not a pleasurable experience for some patients. It is  worse when the nurse has to try again and again. AccuVein using AR technology is essentially a handheld scanner that projects over skin and shows nurses and doctors where veins and their valves and bifurcations are in patients’ bodies.

AR in the Courtroom:

Once upon a time, lawyers would use photos and wipe boards to try and explain the mechanics of an accident or a crime to a jury. With AR, lawyers are now able to transport the decision-makers directly into the scene.
There are companies experimenting with augmented reality on several matters involving catastrophic personal injuries. Another one giving give evidence against their attacker which can be a terrifing experience for victims of sexual abuse, and many have described it as like having to experience the abuse all over again. However, the rise of augmented reality could bring vulnerable witnesses into court in 3-D instead.

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